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Fire Safety

Fires on college campuses have become all too common. Many of these fires occur in residence halls due to a number of factors: smoking, improper use of appliances such as microwaves and hot plates, plugging multiple items into a single electrical outlet, candles, etc. All resident students should check the Student Handbook for a list of approved appliances in residence halls.

Because of these fires, Notre Dame College will be conducting fire drills in the residence halls at least once per semester and at least once per academic year in the Administration Building. These drills will be performed on undisclosed dates and times. It is important that all members of the College Community treat these drills as if an actual fire is burning. The campus police department will be assessing each of these drills to better prepare everyone in the event of a fire.

All fire systems on campus have been installed and are maintained by Paladin Protective Services. All systems are in compliance with the appropriate local, state, and federal fire codes. Notre Dame College is continuously seeking improved technology to better warn the community of fires and potential fire situations. Please see the Emergency Procedures section of our webpage for the appropriate steps to take in the event of a fire alarm.

In accordance with the Higher Education Act of 2008, below are the statistics on fires in residence halls for the calendar year of 2008. A log of all fires occurring on or after August 14, 2008, is on file in the police station, located on the Ground Floor of the Administration Building, and may be viewed by any member of the public at large during normal business hours.