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Notre Dame College Parking Rules and Regulations

Parking and vehicle regulations are now in place at Notre Dame College to ensure the safety of all students, faculty and staff, and visitors to the College. Parking is monitored and vehicle regulations enforced by the Notre Dame College Police Department. This requires considerable attention to regulating the flow of traffic and the appropriate use of parking. Campus Police will answer all questions regarding parking and vehicle regulations.

Notre Dame requires the registration of all motor vehicles on campus that are operated by faculty and staff when such vehicles are operated or parked on the College campus.  All faculty, staff and students are eligible to receive a Notre Dame parking permit.

It is the responsibility of Notre Dame Police to monitor, maintain and enforce parking on campus. Those who operate vehicles on campus are required to register their vehicle(s).

Faculty, staff and student parking is available at NO CHARGE. However, vehicles must be registered and parking permits can be picked up in Student Accounts. All vehicles must have a valid Notre Dame parking permit displayed when parked on campus at all times. Having a permit does not guarantee that a convenient parking space will be provided. The registered permit holder is responsible for any ticket(s) issued to any vehicle displaying their permit.

Although general security patrol is provided, you are advised to lock your vehicle at all times and to secure valuables out of sight. Notre Dame College is not responsible for damage, loss or theft of vehicles or other property of those using College facilities.

All persons shall park in within a single parking space. Illegal parking is defined as:

  • Parking in a restricted area (such as fire lanes, at yellow painted curbs, in “no parking” areas or in driveways, etc.);
  • Parking in a driveway or entrance to a parking area since driveways and entrances are considered fire lanes;
  • Parking in a space or area specifically designated with a “reserved” sign;
  • No person shall park in Handicap designated parking areas unless registered with the State of Ohio and displaying an appropriate placard;
  • Any citations received must be turned into campus police;
  • Citations not turned in may result in the vehicle being immobilized;

You may contact Notre Dame Campus Police at (216) 381-1234.

The Student Accounts Office is available at (216) 373-5213 and is located in the Administration Building room 117.