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Science & Mathematics

Academic Division

Do you enjoy critical and analytical thinking, problem solving, reasoning – as well as working both independently and in teams? Explore the programs offered in the Science and Math Division at Notre Dame College.

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Science & Mathematics

Intellectual Challenges are Rewarding

Career opportunities are unlimited for mathematics and science majors. They may pursue graduate degrees, career paths in technology, business, research, high tech manufacturing, product development, statistics, higher education, social services  and government.

Along with the rest of their Notre Dame College, students in the Science and Math division receive an education that challenges and rewards their intellect, inspires imagination and elevates character.

About the Division

The Division of Science and Mathematics includes majors/programs in biology, chemistry, environmental science, mathematics, and psychology. Additional program concentrations in exercise physiology and education are also offered.

The life and physical sciences are bodies of knowledge that describe not only the order within nature and the causes of that order, but also ongoing processes in themselves.






Studying Natural Law and Theories.

It is through life and physical sciences that knowledge is we gather observations about the universe, the order within nature, and organize and condense that knowledge into testable laws and theories.

Discover cures, energy sources and environmental solutions.

There is a need to discover new sources of energy, find cures for human diseases, solve environmental issues, improve prediction of weather events, and increase agricultural yields, to name a few.

Passionate, expert teachers.

Faculty members who teach in the life and physical sciences are committed to developing the next generation of researchers who will tackle these issues and along with others that we have not yet to even consider.

Understand mental health and human behavior.

The behavioral and health sciences seek to understand mental processes and human behavior by looking at individuals in a biopsychological context, free of biases and judgment. Students explore the causes of human behavior. Our faculty empower students to make responsible and thoughtful decisions in all areas of life to enhance the mind, the body and the spirit.

Using math to understand the world.

Mathematics is an area of investigation that includes the most fundamental processes of observing our world, such as counting and measuring. It explains how to collect, organize, and present data to help us better understand the world, and how to model real-life situations to allow us to make relevant predictions and critical decisions.


STEM-Related Career Growth

In addition to the intellectual rewards of research, problem-solving and analysis – there is a career advantage to studying in the math and science division. STEM jobs are projected to grow 13% in the next decade compared to 9 percent for non-STEM jobs

Our Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff at Notre Dame College are central to the personal attention and caring heart of our student learning environment; the esteem and accomplishment of our higher education model; and the warmth, collaboration and economic impact of our workplace.

Available Programs

Notre Dame College offers majors in nearly 30 disciplines. Our associate, bachelor and master degrees include outstanding programs in education, business, nursing, and science. Weekend, adult and online classes are also available.

Discover the Real You at Notre Dame College

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