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Arts & Humanities

Academic Division
Are you passionate about exploring personal growth and new ideas? A well-rounded Notre Dame arts and humanities education guides students to discern future paths in fulfilling careers and life passions.
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Arts & Humanities

About Arts & Humanities

Notre Dame College offers courses and majors in the visual arts, literature, music and theater, history, communication, political science and philosophy and that lead students to cultivate habits of questioning, critical thinking and appreciation of culture.

What kind of student chooses arts and humanities?

Earning a degree in one of the arts or humanities indicates broad education that spans social sciences, history, language and the arts. In a rapidly changing world, an arts/humanities education is the hallmark of an open-minded individual ready and able to learn and understand new ideas and methods.

Graduates in the arts and humanities are adept at critical thinking, analysis, research, independent thinking, and problem solving. Graduates of these majors exhibit a passion for knowledge, bringing new ideas to the table wherever they go.

What do arts and humanities students learn?

Explorations in the humanities is an exploration of the vast, fascinating human experience found in language and music, art and history, psychology and spirituality – now and throughout history.

Long Term Career Satisfaction

Did you know…


of U.S. CEOs have degrees in the humanities


of humanities majors get jobs in the private sector


of all workers with a degree in the humanities are satisfied with their jobs

Our Faculty

Faculty and staff at Notre Dame College are central to the personal attention and caring heart of our student learning environment; the esteem and accomplishment of our higher education model; and the warmth, collaboration and economic impact of our workplace.

Build Character and Career

Your NDC education can waken and shape your passions, sharpen strengths and lead to a career path that is meaningful and rewarding. Discover your potential at NDC.