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Student Success Center

Mission Statement

The mission of the STUDENT SUCCESS CENTER is to provide DIRECTION and SUPPORT for students as they CONNECT to campus; ESTABLISH their academic, personal and professional goals; and DISCOVER their path to success. In order to assist students in reaching their goals and to ensure the quality of student life and learning, the Student Success Center will focus on the combined efforts of academic support, academic advising and retention.

The Student Success Center Team

With all these services combined in one place, our staff is familiar with the unique challenges of many of the students at Notre Dame College and can assist them timely. The Student Success Center continually encourages students to take advantage of these free resources plus others offered on campus to promote student engagement at the College.

Student Monitoring

In addition, the Student Success Center also monitors class attendance and mid-term grades of students on academic probation. We try to identify students that need the Student Success Center as early as possible. We work hard to get students back on track to meeting their education goals.

What is the Student Success Center?

The Student Success Center combines academic support and advising services with retention efforts. This philosophy enables the College to foster interaction among our students, faculty and staff, and provides the necessary academic and personal support students at Notre Dame College need to be successful.

What is the Dwyer Learning Center?

The Learning Center offers FREE educational support for all Notre Dame students. Services are designed to help all students achieve academic success. Peer tutors are available for all subjects and at various times throughout the week. All peer tutors are Notre Dame College upperclass students who have completed the subject area with an “A” and were recommended by a faculty member. In addition, many tutors are also education majors at the College with training in teaching. Writing and research paper assistance is available from English faculty. The director of composition has expertise in math and science and is often available to tutor students directly.

Free Support Services Provided:

  • Walk-in Professional Tutoring in all Subjects by Faculty-recommended Peer Tutors
  • Academic Advising
  • Writing Lab
  • Math Lab
  • Financial Aid information and Advising
  • Assisting Students with Acclimation to College Life
  • Mentoring Programs

We are here for you!

Whether it’s help on a math concept, getting ideas together for your theology paper or questions about your financial aid, the Student Success Team is here to help. The Student Success Center is a busy place where students get the help and assistance they need.

  • Exam preparation and review
  • Review and assistance with homework & class preparation
  • Study skills and organizational assistance
  • Study group meetings
  • Questions about assignments addressed quickly
  • Assistance with writing organization, grammar and review

Our Student Success Team is familiar with the policies and procedures at Notre Dame College and will be readily available to help you with any questions or concerns that may come about in your college career. We want to enrich your college experience and help you be successful both inside and outside of the classroom. Don’t pass up the opportunity to get the FREE assistance you may need!

Contact the Staff

Student Success Center and Dwyer Learning Center
Administration Building-Room 202

Katie McMahon
Director of the Student Success Center

Steven Sabo
Director of Advising

Kristin Butterfield
Director, NDC Online Bookstore & Advisor

Barb Kooser
Director of Academic Access & Disability Services