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Christ the King Chapel

Christ the King Chapel is the spiritual heart of Notre Dame College, a tangible symbol of the College’s Catholic tradition. Located on the third floor of the Administration Building, the Chapel has been used on a daily basis since its completion in 1928.

In 1979, Christ the King Chapel was renovated in response to the revisions of the Second Vatican Council. The major changes included removing the marble communion rail and installing a new altar which allowed the priest to face the assembly. The Chapel was amazingly preserved from damage in 1999 when a fire broke out on the third floor.

Christ the King Chapel underwent a complete renewal in the summer of 2008. Using columns saved from the original communion rail, a new altar was fashioned along with a matching ambo. The beautiful stained glass windows were removed, re-leaded, reframed, and completely cleaned. Each pew was dismantled, transported off-site, refinished and then reinstalled. The renewal also included a new lighting system that features multiple fixtures to backlight the elegant Sacred Heart stained glass window at the rear of the sanctuary, a new sound system, new carpet, a new air conditioning system and new paint throughout. Finally, the Holtkamp pipe organ installed in the choir loft in 1929 was refurbished, cleaned and tuned.

The Chapel is always open for private prayer.



To inquire about renting the chapel for weddings or related events, visit our Campus Ministry Sacraments page.