Educating a diverse population in the liberal arts

For personal, professional and global responsibility

In the tradition of the Sisters of Notre Dame

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Academic Calendars

Whether you are planning to register for classes, chart your graduation day or find time for a vacation, our academic calendars will help you keep up to date throughout your school years.

Academic Centers

At Notre Dame every student is our most important student, so our academic centers of excellence offer one-on-one assistance with every aspect of your education: from tutoring to study skills to career services and more.

Academic Divisions

We organize our academic programs into five divisions to provide you with personal attention and instructional synergy among faculty, classes, academic advising and degree development.

Courses & Registration

Course resources range from class catalogs and schedules to online learning options and current course management. Everything you need to explore offerings, sign up each semester, stay on track with your classes and, ultimately, meet degree requirements to graduate!

Global Learning

We educate a diverse population not only for personal and professional success but also for global understanding. Explore some of our international extracurricular options as well as multicultural class and degree offerings.


The academic endeavor doesn’t always end with graduation. We like to encourage lifelong learning. We also like to celebrate your success with commencement ceremonies that make you and your family proud. Learn everything you need to know about your big day: rehearsals, requirements, tickets, photos and more.

Interdisciplinary Programs

Several of our degree options include collaborations within and across our academic divisions, and you can even create your own major.

Majors & Programs

We offer more than 30 academic programs and degree options that range from associate’s to bachelor’s to master’s and more: several minors, honors scholars and online certificates, too.

Online Learning

We not only offer an on-campus experience but also provide online courses and degree programs for your convenience. Everything you need to know is on here.

Special Programs

Our distinct academic options will prepare you for some of the best—and maybe even some of the least—well-known careers for the 21st century.