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Business Administration

Students in the various Business Administration programs are prepared to function as creative, dynamic, morally responsible leaders in a global society. The business faculty strives to foster the ongoing development of the highest standards of personal integrity and the achievement of educational excellence through a challenging course of studies. Graduates of the program will have been educated in a liberal arts tradition to think critically, to analyze complex processes and to evaluate important issues with a commitment to respect the earth and all people. They will be ready to move into their chosen career field, to continue with graduate studies or to enter professional programs such as law or public administration.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students majoring in all Business Administration majors will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively in both written and oral forms
  • Critically evaluate, analyze and interpret information to solve problems and make business decisions
  • Act ethically while adhering to the highest standards of personal, social and professional integrity
  • Use technology to develop and enhance business processes
  • Collaborate effectively in diverse teams across cultures

Core Courses
44 Credits

There is a common core of courses taken by students majoring in most Business Administration programs, including Accounting, Business Administration, International Business, Management Information Systems, Management and Marketing. (This list does not apply to Sport Management or Human Resources Development.)


BU 155 Accounting Principles I
BU 156 Accounting Principles II
BU 230 Marketing Principles
BU 235 Management Information Systems
BU 240 Management Principles
BU 360 Corporate Finance
BU 473 Business Law I
BU 395 or 495 Internship
BU 426 Strategic Management
EC 201 Principles of Microeconomics
EC 202 Principles of Macroeconomics
IS 260 Computer Decision-Making Applications
MA 220 Applied Finite Mathematics
MA 221 Statistics I

In addition to these courses, it is strongly recommended that students complete a Communication course.

Each major program has its own specialized requirements. These are given in the following pages.