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Tuition & Fees

Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 Tuition and Fees


Fee DescriptionFallSpringTotal
Board **$3,123.00$3,123.00$6,246.00
Student Fee$360.00$360.00$720.00
Facility Fee$75.00$75.00$150.00
New Stud. Orient Fee$100.00$50.00 
Beyond 100 Falcon Access$200.00$200.00$400.00
Semester Cost1$22,372.00$22,322.00$44,544.00

*Room rate is based on double occupancy in Harks, Petersen or Providence Hall.
**Board is based on a Full Meal Plan. Freshmen are required to carry a Full Meal Plan.
1Semester Costs may vary depending on Room and Board.


Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 Room Rates

ROOM*Fall 2023Spring 2024Total


Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 Meal Plan Policy (All Students)

BOARDFall 2023Spring 2024Total
Full Meal Plan (19)$3,123.00$3,123.00$6,246.00
Commuter Meal Plan (10)$1,404.00$1,404.00$2,808.00
Partial Meal Plan (14)$2,916.00$2,916.00$5,832.00

All residents are required to have a meal plan with the College. First-year students are required to have 19 meals per week while upperclassmen can choose from 19 or 14 meals per week. Please note that once a Housing Agreement is submitted, you have until 11:59 p.m. the day before the first day of the semester to cancel your meal plan without penalty. A student who cancels their Housing Agreement after that point in time will have their meal plan prorated on a weekly basis.


Per Credit Hour Fees

PER CREDIT HOUR FEESSummer 2023Fall 2023Spring 2024
Traditional undergraduate (Part-time)$326.00$630.00$630.00
Non-traditional undergraduate$326.00$630.00$630.00
Undergraduate (Online)$530.00$530.00$530.00
Master of Science in Nursing$630.00$630.00$630.00
Au Pair$125.00$125.00$125.00
Course Audit$150.00$300.00$300.00
RN to BSN (Online)$260.00$260.00$260.00
Associates Degree (Online)$375.00$375.00$375.00
Master of Business Administration$525.00$525.00$525.00
Thrive Learning Centern/a$2,800.00$2,800.00


Special Fees

Acadeum Course Fee (per course fee for any traditional student taking 12-19 credit hours$800.00
New Student Orientation – one-time for trad undergraduate students$100.00
Online Seat Fee – per class – TRAD students$150.00
Online Seat fee – per class – per credit hour –  on campus students$50.00
Lab Fees (on campus science courses with lab) – per course$60.00
Art supplies fees – vary depending on course$40.00
Art supplies fees – vary depending on course$60.00
Student Teaching$325.00
Nursing fees (see nursing handbook)$560.00
Credit by exam – Under graduate per credit$325.00
Credit by exam – Graduate per credit$0.00
Transcript fee$10.00
Graduation fee$200.00
Return check fee$30.00
Outstanding Balance ($100 + 2% of outstanding balance)2.00%
Replacement ID fee$25.00
TK20 Subscription$100.00
Applied Music Fee – per course$200.00