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The Thrive Learning Center

Study, Socializing and Career Assistance for Students with Learning Disabilities

The Thrive Learning Center empowers students to succeed academically and socially – providing an additional roadmap to a meaningful post-graduate career.

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Thrive At-a-Glance

Dedicated team creates profile for each student to personalize our instructional services.

Individual, subject-specific tutoring provided by degreed professionals.

Workshops available to develop employability skills.

Weekly meetings develop self-advocacy skills and study strategies.

Analysis provided of students’ adaptive equipment and assistive technology needs.

Career training, including resume writing and interview preparation offered.

About the Thrive Learning Center

Students with documented learning disabilities who enroll at Notre Dame College have many services available to make attaining a college education possible. They may choose basic 504 services for free, or they may choose a structured, fee-based package of services that go beyond basic accommodations.

The Mission of the Thrive Learning Center is to provide quality educational opportunities and support services above and beyond those required by law to individuals with documented learning disabilities who are traditionally under-served in post secondary education. The mission of the Thrive Learning Center parallels the mission of Notre Dame College which is to educate a diverse population in liberal arts for personal, professional, and global responsibility.

Notable Thrive Student Achievements


Made the Dean's List


Had Above 2.0 Average


Had Above 3.0 Average

Thrive Pillars of Support

Balancing Knowledge, Growth and Engagement

Our four-pillared approach is structured, comprehensive and as confidential as the student desires.

Academic Services to Thrive in the Classroom

We offer specialized 1:1 tutored with degreed professionals. Our students also have access to private, distraction-free testing rooms, assistive technology and our Learning Lab. Real-time support is also offered for college composition, math courses, test preparation and organization skills.

Retention Resources to Stay Enrolled

Through progress meetings with an advisor, tutoring, and ongoing monitoring and assistance, Thrive students gain the skills to coordinate tasks, effectively manage time, and excel in their courses. We provide weekly academic and personal scheduling, assist with course selection and exam scheduling, provide observation of student emotional and physical wellness and more.

Professional Preparation for a Meaningful Career

Instruction is provided by our certified Career Development facilitator for career and major exploration services. We also offer resume, cover letter and interview preparation, plus internships and job shadowing opportunities. Job placement and support services from partner agencies, career support for Thrive alumni and more prepare our students for meaningful careers.

Holistic Approach that Considers the Whole Student

Thrive provides a college-wide, collaborative model of support with an Thrive liaison for each student, social and emotional counseling support, and skill development for self-advocacy. We offer volunteer workshops and social skill groups to match each student’s needs and interests plus encourage students to participate in clubs, sports, activities and more on campus.

Contact Thrive

Denise Brown-Triolo, Ph.D.


P: 216.373.5185

Learn More About Thrive

Shadowing opportunities and tours are available for students who are considering the Thrive Learning Center at Notre Dame College.

Thrive Learning Center Hours



  • Mon-Thurs: 8am-5pm
  • Fri: 8am-4pm


  • Mon-Thurs: By appointment

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