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Do you love sharing what you know? Showing others new subjects and ideas? You can inspire the next generation – and change the world – when you become a teacher. It’s a challenging but satisfying calling. In fact, the vast majority, 90 percent, of teachers in the United States say they are satisfied with their jobs. Notre Dame College has a strong history and preeminent tradition of training educators and offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, on site and online, in elementary to secondary to special education and more!

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About the Education Division

Notre Dame College was founded in 1922 specifically to train teachers. Since then, we have continued our long tradition of teacher education.

Students may pursue programs leading to Ohio licensure in early childhood P-5, middle childhood 4-9, multi-age special education in mild/moderate intervention, and adolescent/young adult education. Those pursuing adolescent/young adult education also pursue an academic major. The detailed organization of the teacher education program and its specific directives are outlined in the Teacher Education Handbook.

To provide professional development, we continually review and update our teacher education programs to inform teachers about emerging technologies, pedagogies and interpersonal relationships that are essential to working with students, families and administrators.

The College fulfills state and national certification requirements, and meets the expectations of regional and national accrediting bodies to offer undergraduate and graduate degrees and a wide variety of teaching certificates. Our  programs include field-based experiences that meet Ohio Teacher Education and Licensure Standards.



Academic Year

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Our Vision

The Division of Professional Education educates teacher candidates for personal, professional and global responsibility so that they are willing in their role as teachers to take a stand for human rights and social justice. The willingness to take a stand is critical in local communities and in a world where the disparities in access to goods and resources can threaten human relationships.

This aligns with the conceptual framework for the Division of Professional Education division at Notre Dame College which is driven by the institutional mission statement of educating “a diverse population…for personal, professional and global responsibility.” Current theory and research, state and national standards, the standards of specialized professional associations and the concerns of the division’s PK-12 partners have further aided the division in reshaping and redefining its conceptual framework. Summarized as “changing the classroom, one teacher at a time,” the major themes articulated by the conceptual framework guide candidate performance outcomes and the system by which the division, its programs and its candidates are assessed.

While the Notre Dame College community embraces and lives out of a carefully articulated and well documented values list (Notre Dame College, 2007), four values stand out in the Notre Dame Education tradition for Division of Professional Education.


The dignityof the whole person and that individual’s right to an education are fundamental to the Notre Dame College teacher preparation program. 


The Division values the range of diversity among our teacher candidates, in our partnership schools and among the core and adjunct faculty. 


Collaboration is highly valued in the Division as we recognize the social nature of learning and work and the importance of student voice in the education process. 

Responsible Professional Engagement

Fairness, honesty, respect, and ethical behavior are aspects of responsible professional engagement that the Education Faculty seeks to model for and cultivate in the teacher candidates.

Notre Dame College Division of Professional Education

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Statement – The Division of Professional is committed to creating and maintaining a highly engaging and compassionate approach to equality, equity, and inclusion that is aligned with the mission of Notre Dame College and as educators, researchers, and practitioners of teacher education. This approach recognizes the essentials of respecting, accepting, and celebrating diverse experiences, backgrounds, and cultures of our students, staff and faculty.


  • Engage all pre- and in-service students in diverse learning, field, and clinical experiences.
  • Foster policies and procedures that embody equality, equity, and inclusion.
  • Ensure all of our courses include research-based methods, strategies, and practices that promote culturally relevant teaching, multicultural education, and diversity and inclusion.

Submitted by: Sandra Golden, Ph.D. – March 2021

Notre Dame College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.
The Division of Professional Education is fully accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Preparation (CAEP).

The Notre Dame College Elementary/Intermediate Classroom Teacher Program has earned the ILA National Recognition for the Preparation of Literacy Professionals.

Our Faculty

Faculty and staff at Notre Dame College are central to the personal attention and caring heart of our student learning environment; the esteem and accomplishment of our higher education model; and the warmth, collaboration and economic impact of our workplace.

Available Programs

Notre Dame College offers majors in nearly 30 disciplines. Our associate, bachelor and master degrees include outstanding programs in education, business, nursing, and science. Weekend, adult and online classes are also available.

The Advanced Program in Educational Leadership on the graduate level has been approved and fully accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation. This is the first time that the program has had to undergo accreditation, and accreditation is an important landmark in the history of the graduate program in Education.

Notre Dame also offers convenient, often online, classes to earn a reading endorsement and to enroll in related programs for educators that require only a few, inexpensive courses through its Office of Professional Development.

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