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Campus Police and Safety

Staying Safe on Campus

Visit Safety on Campus or Federal Citizen Information Center for invaluable information on how to stay safe.

Campus Safety Awareness and Precautions

Common sense is the most valuable tool for most safety situations. To promote a safer, more secure campus, the campus community should remember:

Carry your Notre Dame College ID while on campus.

Be alert to any unusual or suspicious individuals or circumstances on campus and report it to the Campus Police/Security Department at x5212.

Remember that Campus Police/Security patrol the grounds, parking lots, residence halls and all academic buildings.

Despite recent growth, Notre Dame is still a small community. If you notice a situation or individual that seems unusual or out of place, please report it to the Campus Police/Security.

If you are a victim of or a witness to a crime, select this link.

Traffic Control Signage

Traffic control signs (e.g. stop signs, directional signs and crosswalk signs) are placed around campus to safely direct ingress/egress traffic from the main entrance and the Regina Lot.

Important information for all to be aware of:

  • INGRESS:  If you are entering the campus from the main entrance, you will see that the STOP SIGN has been removed and new PEDESTRIAN crosswalk signs have been erected.  This change will allow for greater ‘free flow’ of traffic coming into campus, but with CAUTION!  You must stop for pedestrians in the crosswalks.  Please watch your speed and follow speed limit and caution signs posted.
  • EGRESS from Regina Lot:  Prohibited Left Turn: ALL traffic flow from the Regina lot must TURN RIGHT after stopping completely at the newly erected STOP SIGNS.  Drivers who wish to travel to other areas of the campus, from the Regina Lot, must travel (West) towards the main entrance as if they were exiting the campus, yield to all other traffic, make a safe U-TURN and merge back in to the normal traffic pattern flow to the college campus.  While this may appear inconvenient, this traffic flow pattern will maximize the effectiveness of the unrestricted ‘ingress’ lane to the main campus and allow for greater safety for all vehicles/pedestrians traveling in this intersection/area.
  • Crosswalk SignsCROSSWALKS:  New PEDESTRIAN crosswalk signs have been erected throughout campus. Please STOP for all Pedestrians within the crosswalks, as they have the right-of-way.
  • CELL PHONES:  New “No Dialing-No Texting While Driving” Signs have been erected throughout campus.  Please adhere to this policy/law and maintain your full concentration and attention to driving safely while on the Notre Dame Campus.  Other drivers and pedestrians are counting on you to be alert and not distracted.  ALSO, please note, if you are walking around campus and reading/texting from your mobile device, please adhere to the same rules as drivers to maintain your situational awareness and avoid the risk of injury to yourself and others.