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Campus Safety Alerts

Notre Dame College has teamed with ALERTUS to bring enhanced campus and personal safety to all students, faculty and staff who sign up for a free smartphone application (app).

The new mobile emergency alert app is available at no charge from the Apple App and Google Play stores. This next-generation app, which replaces 911shield, allows College Police to send out emergency notifications more efficiently.

All NDC students, faculty and staff are encouraged to download and install the new app immediately as 911shield service terminated on 12-31-18.

This new service reinforces the College’s position as a safe campus and positions it among the most tech-savvy college police forces. The new app is integrated into the campus police computer system.

To register for the Alertus notification service:

  1. You must use your Notre Dame College email address.
  2. Download the appropriate app for Android phone or IOS (iPhone)
  3. When prompted, the Notre Dame College Code is 4545
  4. Follow the remaining steps on screen to complete registration.


Register to receive campus safety alerts directly to your phone via  the Alertus app!

Android Download
911Shield Android Download

IOS (iPhone) Download
911Shield iPhone Download

Questions? Contact the Notre Dame College Police Department at 216.373.5212.