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Missing Persons

In accordance with the Higher Education Act of 2008, all students may register a confidential contact with the campus police department. The confidential contact does not have to be a parent of a student. This is the individual who will be contacted by police in the event the student is reported missing. This individual will be updated as to the progress of the investigation into the missing person. In the event a student is under 18 years of age, and has not been legally emancipated, the student’s parents will also be contacted.

All students are encouraged to stop by the police station, located on the Ground Floor of the Administration Building, to receive a “Just in Case: Just the Facts” Missing Persons Packet. These packets contain forms to be filled out and kept in a secure location. In the event a student is reported missing, a family member or trusted friend should deliver this packet to the appropriate law enforcement agency(ies) to assist in locating the missing person.

A student can be reported missing at any time. The campus police department will conduct a thorough investigation into all missing persons reports immediately. Campus Police will also enlist the assistance of the South Euclid Police Department and other appropriate law enforcement agencies to locate the missing person.



Call NDC Police at 216.373.5212
Give the officer the following information:
a) Your name
b) The missing person(s) name(s)
c) The missing person(s) age(s)
d) The missing person(s) physical description
e) The missing person(s) vehicle information
f) If the missing person(s) has(have) completed a missing persons packet
-If a packet has been completed, make arrangements with the officer to submit the packet
g) The last place you saw and/or spoke with the missing person(s)
h) Why you believe the person(s) is(are) missing
i) Any other information the officer requests
If you are not the missing person(s) confidential contact, give the officer the name of the confidential contact, if you know
If the missing person(s) is found by someone other than a police officer, inform NDC Police immediately


The officer will take all the information provided and complete a missing person(s) report. The officer will speak with the missing person(s) confidential contact to determine what may have happened. If the person(s) has(have) been missing for 24 hours or if criminal conduct is suspected, the officer will notify the Administration of the College, South Euclid Police, the missing person(s) police department at home, and the FBI of the incident. The officer will enter the missing person(s) data into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) to inform every police department in the United States and Canada. The officer will conduct a thorough investigation of the report. Once the person is located, paramedics will be notified to ensure the person(s) is(are) not injured.