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Dwyer Learning Center

Need a helping hand? Struggling with a math concept? Having a problem organizing a paper? Is an exam looming and you’re afraid you’re not quite ready?

The Dwyer Learning Center is here to help. The Dwyer Learning Center has tutoring provided by the director, adjunct English faculty, graduate assistants and peer tutors. From the director to the peer tutors, we are here to help you get on track and keep on track to succeed in all your classes.

We can help you develop study skills and are experienced in math and science tutoring. Peer tutors are upper class students who have achieved “A’s” in their courses and have been recommended by their professors. Many of them are also education majors with training in teaching techniques. They are familiar with the coursework and can help answer questions on your assignments and course requirements.

Want to become part of a study group? You will often find fellow students to work with; and you’ll always be welcomed no matter how large or small your problem. There is no charge to you. The Dwyer Learning Center provides free educational support to all Notre Dame students to help them achieve academic success.

Guidelines for requesting Accommodations Based on Documented Disability or medical Condition

About academic accommodations: Students with documented learning disabilities who enroll at Notre Dame College have many services available to make attaining a college education possible.  They may choose basic 504 services for free, or they may choose a structured, fee-based package of services that go beyond basic accommodations.

Notre Dame College strives to make instructional programs accessible to all people and to provide reasonable accommodations according to the law.

Students are responsible to self identify their need for accommodations and to provide relevant and up to date documentation of a specific disability or medical condition from a qualified professional in order to receive services.

Academic Accommodations

In order to receive academic accommodations, please contact:

Barb Kooser
Director of Academic Access & Disability Services

This should be done prior to the start of the semester, or as early in the semester as possible for the evaluation and implementation of services.

Learning Disabilities Document

Please direct any questions Barb Kooser at

Where To Find Us

The center is located on the second floor of the Administration Building in room 202. It is open each day from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Stop in or call 216.373.5359.

TUTORING HOURS: The schedule can be found under Dwyer Learning Center on MyNDC after log in.

During the academic year, peer tutors are available most evenings until 9 p.m. Their schedules and individual hours vary by semester. Schedules are posted in the center, on the MyNDC website or are available by calling 216.373.5359.



Special Note: Students who are members of the Thrive Learning Center should contact Denise Brown-Triolo, Ph.D., director of Thrive, to arrange for accommodations.