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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know who my advisor is? How do I contact them?

Your advisor and their contact information is available on MyNDC. Scroll down on your MyNDC homepage. Your can contact your advisor directly by clicking the envelope icon next to your advisor’s name.

How do I register for classes?

All registration is done through MyNDC. If you have any additional questions, be sure to ask your advisor or contact the Advising Center.

Why is advising important?

Advising is important because it allows you to plan and schedule a semester of courses with the guidance of a faculty member. Your faculty advisor is a resource for you. If you have any academic or career related questions, your advisor can help.

How do I change my major?

Be sure to talk to your advisor first. After that, you can fill out the Major Change form and return it to The Advising Center.

Is it possible to change advisors?

Yes. Fill out the Advisor Change form and return it to The Advising Center.

Who should I talk to about transfer credit?

To discuss transfer credit, contact The Advising Center.

What is academic probation?

Academic probation refers to your academic standing at Notre Dame. Probation may impact your ability to register for classes, play sports, and a number of other things. Student Success Resources are available to assist you with academics.

How do I make an appointment at The Advising Center? What should I expect from my appointment?

To make an appointment, contact The Advising Center. At your appointment, make sure you bring a list of questions or concerns. The Advising Center will help you with your issue and connect you to other valuable resources.

Still have questions? Contact The Advising Center.