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Academic Advising

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I connect with my Academic Advisor?

An academic advisor will work with you to develop an academic plan of success, providing you with accurate and up-to-date program information. An advisor can:

  • Connect you with your faculty advisor or mentor.
  • Help plan your academic schedule.
  • Assist you with major and program requirements.
  • Evaluate and explain transfer credit from other institutions.
  • Direct you to other appropriate offices and resources.
How do I know who my Academic Advisor is?

Login to MyNDC and select the Home tab located on the blue banner. Scroll down the page and your academic and faculty advisor will be listed under Academic Information.

How do I check which classes I have remaining?

You can use the Degree Progress Tracker located on My NDC to track your progression towards graduation. This is an informational tool for students to track their progression toward graduation and is not an official graduation audit. To view your degree progress, log in to My NDC and click on Academics on your home page. Near the bottom of the next screen you will see My Degree Progress. Click View All Details.

For more details click here to read the Online Graduation Audit: Help Guide.

How do I change my major?

Login to MyNDC and click the Academics tab on the home page. On the left side, in the toolbar labeled Academics, click Registrar Request Forms to locate the Major/Program Change or Minor Declaration form. This may be submitted online to declare and/or change your major or minor.

When can I register for classes?

You can refer to the Academic Calendar for when the upcoming semester’s course schedule is set to be released, and when priority registration will begin. If you are enrolled in online terms and are using financial aid, please be aware that aid is awarded based on entire semester enrollment. Failure to maintain at least 6 credit hours of enrollment across the semester may result in the cancellation of any financial aid posted to your account. Please review the Financial Aid Guidelines to better understand financial aid policies. Additional information is available on the Financial Aid Award Notification page.

Who is my advisor?

Sue Pearman
Online Academic Advisor