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Chill Spot

Do-It-Yourself Relaxation Room

Stress is the most commonly identified barrier to academic performance among college students and the number one self-reported reason for seeking counseling support here at NDC. In fact, many studies have linked high levels of distress with multiple adverse outcomes including anxiety and depression for college populations.


Support for Students

The Chill Spot is an innovative and creative way to help our campus community better cope with stress. The Chill Spot offers cutting edge technology in a restorative, relaxing environment that helps students to learn and practice skills necessary to intentionally manage their physiological response to stress.

Menu options that students can choose from include:
  • Self-directed biofeedback training using multiple computerized biofeedback games that promote relaxation, focus and centeredness
  • Guided mediations for stress relief, relaxation, health, and happiness
  • A variety of Relaxation and Meditation CDs
  • Utilizing light boxes to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which has been clinically shown to produce biochemical reactions helpful in improving mood, relieving stress, and boosting energy
  • Aromatherapy to support physical and emotional health
  • Chair massage for soothing sore muscles and relieving stress and tension in the upper and lower back, and throughout the body
  • Stress-reducing manipulatives to utilize while engaging in above-mentioned options


There are three Chill Spots on campus:

  • Connelly Center, across from the Counseling Center, available to all members of the NDC campus community. Appointments are made in Connelly hallway in increments of 30-minute sessions. Please bring your NDC student ID or State License when signing in for identifying and tracking purposes.
  • Thrive Learning Center, located in Regina Hall, available to Thrive students and staff. Appointments are made in Thrive Learning Center.
  • Administration Building, located on the fourth floor, available to faculty and staff. No appointment is necessary.