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Counseling Center Statement about Current and Ongoing Racial Injustice and Violence

The Notre Dame College Counseling Center staff are aware of the significant stress and anxiety that events such as the recent deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor can cause. We want to express our outrage and deep grief about these occurrences and the overall impact of systemic and institutional racism on our Notre Dame community. These traumatic deaths, along with countless others, represent a long history of anti-Black violence in our nation. As a Center, we are committed to combating racism and supporting those most impacted by oppression and injustice, especially our Black students, staff, and faculty. The work of justice belongs to all of us, particularly to those of us who benefit from white privilege and race-based oppression. Our team of counselors provides culturally-responsive and trauma-informed individual counseling, group sessions, and workshops. We are here for you.