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Student Q&As

What are my next steps as a student, given that NDC will officially close at the end of the spring semester for on campus classess.

An assigned advisor (possibly someone different than your current academic advisor) will review your transcript and educational goals with you, describe each of the partner Teach-Out institutions, and help you determine your best next steps. The advisor will work with you through every step of the process and will help with outreach to the institutions and programs that may be the best fit for you.

  • If you stay at Notre Dame College for Spring 2024: NDC is committed to providing consistent support through this transitional semester.
  • If you decide to attend a partner Teach-Out Institution: Your assigned advisor will review your transcript and individual situation with you and connect you with support staff at the partner institution. By planning to attend a partner Teach-Out Institution, you will not have to formally re-apply, and you will have assurances about complete transfer of credits, comparable financial aid packages, and clarity of graduation requirements.
  •  If you decide to go to another college or university that is not a partner institution: Your assigned advisor  will help you complete your selected institution’s application and financial aid forms.
  •  If you receive benefits under the GI Bill or through U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs chapters: NDC’s Office of Financial Aid will help ensure a seamless transition of these benefits.

If you choose to transfer (or withdraw) immediately you will receive a prorated refund in accordance with the NDC refund policy. If you want to transfer to another institution and complete the Spring 2024 semester elsewhere, be sure you understand the institution’s transfer policies and deadlines before finalizing your decision. Once you withdraw and receive a refund from NDC, you will not be allowed to re-enroll.

Will there be a Class of 2024 Commencement? Will my degree from NDC be considered valid?

Absolutely! Notre Dame College is looking forward to hosting the Spring 2024 Commencement Exercises on Saturday, May 4, 2024. Furthermore, all degrees conferred by the College at any time will always be valid because Notre Dame College remains fully accredited and will remain so until it ceases educational operations. Furthermore, NDC is making arrangements to ensure that transcripts and other educational records will be available indefinitely to students and alumni. For a transcript, please order online through a secure process with the National Student Clearinghouse.

When will NDC officially close?

For all programs except OPD, the Spring Semester 2024 will be the final semester for all NDC classes. After graduation May 4, 2024, most NDC instructional activities will cease. The College will wrap up records transfer and complete state and national requirements. (This response was updated March 18, 2024.)

I am on a leave of absence or studying off campus in Spring 2024, and I left belongings on campus. When can I pick up my belongings?

Students who are on a leave of absence are encouraged to make arrangements to retrieve their belongings as soon as possible. The sooner NDC is aware of your plans, the better we can accommodate them. Students who are taking classes at NDC in the Spring and Summer semesters may continue to live in campus housing through their course completions. It is very important that students take all their belongings with them when they leave. The College cannot be responsible for belongings left in campus housing after educational operations have ceased.

What will happen with my academic records? How do I obtain copies now and going forward?

Notre Dame College is in the process of making arrangements to house the College’s academic records once NDC ceases educational operations. Furthermore, as always, NDC students and alumni can obtain copies of their transcripts through the National Student Clearinghouse. Again, official transcripts may also be ordered online through a secure process with the National Student Clearinghouse.

When confirmation is received, updated information will be posted for students and alumni.. You will be informed when NDC operations officially cease and you can access records from Hiram

I am a student worker on campus. Will my job continue for the entirety of the Spring 2024 semester?

Student workers will be allowed to continue working in their current job as long as the job is needed. If not, NDC will work hard to find another suitable job on campus for you; however, we cannot guarantee a position.

Can students continue to live on campus until NDC closes? What will be the final date to move out of the residence halls?

Non-graduating students need to leave by May 2, and graduating seniors need to leave by May 5. Resident Assistants may stay till May 6 so they can help close down the halls. For international students or anyone with special circumstances who may need to stay past May 5, students need to send the request and explanation to:

What should I do if a news reporter contacts me about NDC’s announcement?

You are never obligated to talk with a reporter or the media. Please direct reporters to


What is the difference between a Teach-Out Institution and transferring?

Teach-Out: Teach-Out Agreements focus on you the student. Teach-Out Agreements entered into by Notre Dame College for its current students typically include protections that exceed what non-partnering institutions typically provide. These benefits include the following:

  • Automatic admission of current NDC students in good academic standing (see more information below)
  • Guaranteed acceptance of 100% successfully completed credits at NDC
  • Guaranteed same time to degree completion – Students will need to complete the same number of semesters at the Teach-Out Institution as they would have at NDC to finish their degrees. 
  • Comparable net tuition – Students will receive comparable financial aid packages so that the net tuition amount the student is expected to contribute to complete their degree will be the same (or less) as they would have had to pay at NDC. While the scholarships may be packaged differently and with different names, the amounts will be comparable. NDC students will not need to negotiate that process or be concerned about the Teach-Out Institutions’ published “sticker” price.

Transfer: Many institutions accept applications for transfer students, but the process may not be as seamless or have the same guarantees as with transitioning to a partnering Teach-Out Institution. Therefore it is often in the best interest of students to transition to a designated Teach-Out Institution.

Will student success service or academic support service continue to be available to me to help me with this transition?

NDC’s student success and Thrive services will support you throughout your academic transition process. The College is also bringing independent academic coaches from College Possible to campus to assist you with your individual plans, including helping you understand all of your options and serving as a bridge to staff at our partnering Teach-Out Institutions.


So far Notre Dame College has negotiated Teach-Out agreements with the institutions listed below:
Do I have to apply to the designated Teach-Out Institutions, or will I be automatically accepted?

You will need to complete a streamlined application, but you can also be assured that you will be automatically admitted to partner, Teach-Out Institutions, if you are in good standing (in most cases, a minimum GPA of 2.0) at NDC. You will not be required to pay an application fee or submit supplemental materials such as essays or letters of recommendation. NDC will provide a waiver for you to sign giving permission to share your transcript and connect you with staff at the Teach-Out Institution(s) of your choice. They will arrange to talk with you about your degree progression (i.e., how many credits and requirements you have remaining).

If you are not in good academic standing, your assigned advisor will help you think through ways that you might begin to improve your GPA.

Will all of my academic credits recognized at NDC automatically transfer to the Teach-Out Institution?

Yes, this is one of the advantages of choosing a designated Teach-Out Institution. These institutions guarantee acceptance of all NDC academic credits earned.

Do the Teach-Out Institutions I am considering have my major or a close match?

While all of NDC’s majors (or close matches) are available at one or more of the designated Teach-Out Institutions the title of the major may be a bit different from the NDC title. The Teach-Out Institution may have a major that closely aligns with your particular area of interest, but their program of study (POS) may have a course or two that is different from your NDC POS. Please take time to review all of the Teach-Out Institution’s academic offerings as they align with your desired major, as well as the Teach-Out Matrix below

Teach-Out Institution Matrix

View Details >

How will my grade point average (GPA) be calculated by the Teach-Out Institutions? Will my GPA be a “start fresh” or will my NDC grades be calculated into a new GPA?

Your GPA calculation is subject to the Teach-Out Institution’s policies. 

What about my General Education requirements?

If you have already completed your General Education requirements at NDC, then you will not have to re-take them at the designated Teach-Out Institution. In contrast, if you transfer to any other institution, that institution will determine which of your credits they will accept.

If you have not yet completed your General Education requirements, then staff at the Teach-Out Institution will review your transcript, determine which of your NDC courses can fulfill that institution’s requirements, and communicate what General Ed courses you would still need to complete.

If I already have transfer credits from other (non-NDC) institutions, will they be accepted by the Teach-Out Institution?

If your non-NDC credits were accepted by NDC, they will be accepted by the Teach-Out Institution. If they were not accepted by NDC, then we encourage you to discuss with the advisor at the Teach-Out Institution. 

Will my financial scholarship at NDC be carried over to my Teach-Out Institution? Will my tuition costs be the same?

One of the advantages of a Teach-Out Institution is the guarantee that students will pay the same (or possibly less) than they currently pay out-of-pocket for tuition at NDC. The Teach-Out Institution will offer each NDC student a financial aid package that reflects comparable net tuition costs. 

Teach-Out Institution Matrix

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Will I graduate “on time” with a Teach-Out Institution?

Yes, one of the advantages offered by a Teach-Out Institution is that they guarantee the same time to degree completion. This means that students will need to complete the same number of semesters at the Teach-Out Institution as they would have at NDC to finish their degrees. 

Are student-athletes invited to join sports teams at Teach-Out institutions?

NDC is working closely with all Teach-Out Institutions to set up meetings for interested NDC athletes with coaches so that they can discuss athletic opportunities. All students are encouraged to take advantage of the upcoming Teach-Out Fairs that will be scheduled to explore their academic and athletic options. For more information see Q&As for Student-Athletes.


If I am already a transfer student, how will my credits from other institutions be counted if I transfer again?

Each institution has its own transfer credit policies and will need to review your transcripts and decide what credits it will accept. NDC staff will assist you in interpreting the policies, but it is important to read them carefully and ask questions throughout the transfer process.

I am not interested in attending any of the Teach-Out Institutions. How do I apply to transfer to a college of my choice?

If you are not interested in attending any of the Teach-Out Institutions, you would contact the admissions office and work with them to transfer to the college of your choice.

If I decide that I do not want to finish the Spring 2024 semester at NDC, can I get a refund and transfer right away?

If you choose to transfer (or withdraw) immediately you will receive a prorated refund in accordance with the NDC refund policy. If you want to transfer to another institution and complete the Spring 2024 semester elsewhere, be sure you understand the institution’s transfer policies and deadlines before finalizing your decision. Once you withdraw and receive a refund from NDC, you will not be allowed to re-enroll.


What will happen to my I-20?

When the international athlete transfers to a Teach-Out Institution, the I-20 documentation and all records will follow the student. 

Teach-Out Institution Matrix

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Matrix updated 4/19/24