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Van Certification

All Faculty, staff, students and volunteers who plan to drive an NDC van must complete the Initial Van Certification Program [and] complete annually, the van Re-certification program.

Please make sure you PLAN AHEAD to ensure plenty of time to achieve certification/re-certification.

Just to recap all the requirements and procedures, please read and follow the list below:

  1. All drivers of the College’s vans must be 21 years of age or older at the time they take the course or within three weeks of their 21st birthday at the time they take the course. We cannot deviate from this and there are no exceptions.
  2. All drivers must have valid Driver’s Licenses from either the State of Ohio [OR] their home state AND NOT BE UNDER SUSPENSION IN OHIO at the time they take the class and road test.
  3. Conviction for certain driving offenses within the past five years prohibits you from driving college vans under the insurance policy. These include, but not limited to: OVI or Operating a vehicle while under the influence, reckless operation, vehicle assault, 2 or more speeding citations within a three year period. Please consult the Colleges driving policy for all restrictions and disqualifiers.
  4. All drivers regardless of age, must obtain an original certified driving record abstract from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles or the State’s equivalent agency (if not from Ohio) in which their license was issued. The Abstract must be fresh and no more than thirty days of the class start date…no exceptions. This Abstract will be collected prior to your driving test and will be kept on file.
  5. All registrations will be organized by Patty Swed in the Office of Finance and Administration. You must contact her directly at Her office is located in room 131 on the first floor of the Administration Building. Once contacted, she will assist in the registration process.
  6. The van certification process will be an online course that students, faculty, and staff must enroll in and complete online. Please allow 2-4 hours to complete. From there, the Director of Student Engagement will assist in coordinating the paperwork and road test to complete the certification process to become van certified.

Again, PLEASE plan ahead and do not delay getting registered for either the initial course, or ensure you have planned ahead and not allow your current 1-year certification to lapse. ALL current van drivers must complete an ANNUAL re-certification course and check-out ride.