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Faculty & Staff

Current faculty and staff at Notre Dame College are central to the personal attention and caring heart of our student learning environment; the esteem and accomplishment of our higher education model; and the warmth, collaboration and economic impact of our workplace. The one-stop shop for various resources aims to make our very valued employees’ work lives a little easier.

Human Resources

Access to human resources information like details on health care, the employee handbook and payroll are available by logging in to the College’s intranet, but if you are just looking for a summary or an overview or maybe potential opportunities for advancement on campus, these links might help.

Online Tools & Resources

Many online employee resources are login only, but they sure don’t mean they need to be hard to find. This links of links should help faculty and staff stay on track.

Professional Development

Our faculty and staff are already experts in their respective subjects and industries, but we still offer opportunities for them to advance—so they can stay at the forefront of their fields.

Work Environment

This basic information can help faculty and staff meet their daily needs on campus, whether they are trying to find a colleague, a calendar or a cup of coffee.