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Giving Back to NDC

Even though you have graduated, you still play a vital role in the success of Notre Dame College. There are many ways to stay connected to your alma mater and enjoy the Notre Dame College experience. Whether you donate your time, money or talent – you will be shaping the character and career of today’s students – who will pay forward your benevolence to the next generation.

For financial donations, see the many options available. Here are some other ways to give back to NDC.

1. Be a Mentor or Career Coach

Share your personal, professional and global experiences with students. Inspire them to succeed, and honor your alma mater. Offer your time to job shadow or provide internship experience. This experience helps students build strong professional characteristics that are essential to starting great careers.

2. Become Active in Your Alumni Association

The Notre Dame College Alumni Association (NDCAA) is led by a volunteer board of committed alumni who are dedicated to advancing the mission of Notre Dame College while strengthening the bonds of alumni friendship.

3. Donate

Demonstrate your confidence in Notre Dame College by making a philanthropic contribution. There are many ways to give. Donate online today! Contributions to the College are deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes.

4. Attend or Help Organize NDC Networking Events

Connect with fellow graduates, current students and area professionals and build a strong community who share the values imbued in you all by Notre Dame College.

See a list of all upcoming events.

5. Help Us Recruit

If you value your NDC experience, be an ambassador by helping us recruit students with the desire to follow in your footsteps by building their character and career skills at Notre Dame College. Whether you want to refer a Falcon or help us with ongoing recruitment, contact us.