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NDC Strategic Plan

Holistic Success for Our Students

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Strategic Initiative #1: Notre Dame College will focus on the holistic success of every individual student


Education is the core business of Notre Dame College. It is its reason for being. A commitment to serving a diverse population requires a diversity of approaches focused on academic success. Academic success is a unique path for each student. While much of education occurs in the classroom, it is not solely the province of the classroom. Educating the whole person requires the complete effort of all who work and serve at NDC. All admitted students should be given every opportunity to succeed. Not only is this a moral imperative for the College, but it is also a key financial performance indicator related to student success, retention, and graduation rate.


Student Success

Objective 1: Notre Dame will cultivate a culture of high academic success by building pathways for all students across all educational modalities relative to individual needs and levels of preparedness.

Objective 2: Notre Dame will develop a comprehensive process for evaluating student readiness.

Objective 3: Strengthen the experiential learning, internship, and career services activities of the College.

Objective 4: Use a holistic and comprehensive approach for Student Success and support services, including Curriculum Coaches, Tutors, TRIO, Thrive, Dwyer Learning Center, Experiential Learning (internships) and Career Services, and student financial planning, i.e. financial aid.

Objective 5: Evaluate and adjust the core and major curricula to make sure each aligns with the diverse learning needs and modalities of the 21st century student and changing workforce needs.

Objective 6: Establish a student engagement plan to create innovative approaches to increase student involvement on campus and online.

Objective 7: Continue to offer best-in-class programming for students with diagnosed learning differences through the Thrive program.

Student Health and Wellness

Objective 8: Notre Dame will create a holistic approach to health and wellness as students balance their academic studies and personal lives.

Outcomes & Measures


Our goal is to be at a minimum of 85% retention for first year cohort fall to spring and to aspire to 90%.

Our goal is to be at a minimum of 67% retention for first year cohort fall-to-fall and to aspire to 70%.


Graduation rates. (Six years is beyond the scope of this plan, will be measured over time.)

Investments Required

 Health Clinic $150,000
 One-Stop-Shop Student Support Center $250,000
 Curriculum Coaches $250,000
 Support professional development $50,000 (annual)
  Technology for the 21st Century Classroom – needs assessment

Return on Investment

  • Increased net revenue from retention improvements.
  • Increased enrollment.
  • Increased retention based on financial investment as mentioned above.

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Download the full Strategic Plan to learn more about NDC’s action plan for each objective.