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Notre Dame College Academic Program Review

Program review is an integral part of the academic planning process.  The program review process should result in the attainment of information used to improve the quality of the academic programs offered by the college.  Program review gives the faculty an opportunity to reflect on educational practices and review the role of their program in meeting the mission and vision of the college.

Internal program reviews are conducted by the Educational Policy and Program Committee (EPPC).

Primary goals of program review at Notre Dame College are to:

  1. Enhance the quality of academic programs by assessing program strengths and challenges;
  2. Ensure that program priorities are consistent with the College’s mission, strategic directions and the Higher Learning Commission’s criteria for accreditation.

Every program within the five academic divisions will be included for review once within a 5-year cycle. The program review cycle should be aligned with the cycles of external program accrediting agencies, to the extent possible. For programs with external accreditation, the NDC review process will minimize duplication by coordinating the process and extracting information from the external accreditation self-study. If the external process and related self-study do not fully address the criteria required in the NDC review, additional documentation will be requested from the academic program.

Program Review Procedure

Notre Dame College’s program review process is comprised of 7 parts:

  1. A self- study prepared by each program in the division
  2. The reading and evaluation of the self-study by the EPPC ad hoc review committee
  3. Report prepared by ad hoc committee submitted to EPPC for review
  4. EPPC will review self-study and make recommendations
  5. Report and recommendations will be sent to VPAA
  6.  Consultation with Ad Hoc Committee, Division Chair, Faculty reps, VPAA; discussion of an action plan and timeline
  7. The VPAA will forward the program review and his/her recommendations to the President’s Council.

Current program review schedule 2017-2021

2017: Business

2018: Math & Science

2019: Education

2020: Humanities/Core

2021: Nursing

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