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Your support is more than just a contribution to maintain buildings and fund programs. You make the future possible.

Help us give today’s students the same opportunities to grow in character – and bring the character of Notre Dame College with them wherever they go.

Why support Notre Dame College? Explore why below.



Notre Dame College has changed a lot since our founding in 1922. As we celebrate our centennial, we have evolved with the times. But one thing has remained: Our calling to provide a mission-focused, values-based, private Catholic education to students who might otherwise not have access to such an experience.



Every graduate makes a mark on the world – leaving a legacy that becomes a part of the history of Notre Dame College.

If Notre Dame College helped to shape the person you are today, consider contributing to your alma mater. Make part of your legacy the opportunity for tomorrow’s graduates to experience the same character shaping education that you received.

Alumni Testimonials

Another great reason to give? You will be among so many who praise Notre Dame College. Join them in sharing your donations and advocacy.

As a student athlete at NDC, we had a busy schedule consisting of classes, multiple practices per day, study tables, work study, etc. It can get hectic at times, but this prepared me for managing a busy schedule in my career and at home with my family as well.

Chris Palagi, Class of '09

My experience at NDC was truly incredible, filled with unforgettable memories. Being in the Nursing program and a member of the Women’s Soccer Team was a challenge that so well prepared me for Doctorate school. The education I received at NDC and the opportunities the school provided made it an easy transition to my career.

Jillian Doss, Class of ‘18

Notre Dame’s nursing program has allowed me opportunities in my career that I never would have been given without my BSN. I vividly remember telling a professor that I “did not believe having more initials behind my name would make me a better nurse.” I maintain that the initials do not make you a better nurse, but the education and opportunities it affords allows me to be that better nurse. I have been given more career opportunities since obtaining my BSN, and realize developing my skills, expertise and education does add to that, “better nurse” version of myself.

Bridget O'Callahan, BSN, MSN, RN, CCM, Class of '12

I believe a liberal arts education is essential to creating a foundation for men and women who desire to become leaders in their communities. Through the diverse educational base provided by NDC, our students are taught to be independent learners, thinkers, and well rounded teachers in every aspect of their lives.

Trish Sgro-Kickel, Class of '86


Responsible Stewards

Contributing to Notre Dame College is a smart investment. We fund and grow strong, solvent programs empower students year after year with support for their education and opportunities. It’s a solid, smart investment – both in the college that helped shape who you are – and the students who are shaped by the college.


Create Educational Opportunities

Your gift to Notre Dame College creates specific educational opportunities for students.

We make it easy for you to support these educational opportunities. You can make a one-time or recurring monthly gift. Together, we can continue the best of the education you enjoyed to today’s students – helping them make tomorrow a better place because of your help.

Educational Opportunities

Your gift to Notre Dame College creates educational opportunities for students.

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Support that is Close to Your Heart

Give back to Notre Dame College in a way that’s meaningful to you. When you support an area of interest or passion, you directly benefit current students.