Educating a diverse population in the liberal arts

For personal, professional and global responsibility

In the tradition of the Sisters of Notre Dame

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Contributions to the Notre Dame Fund provide funding for scholarships, technology, academic programs, athletics, and more.

I Give back Because

The “I Give Back Because” campaign was created to share donor stories with the Notre Dame College community and to inspire our alumni and friends to support the College with their time, talent and treasure.

Bequests & Legacy Giving

Notre Dame College is grateful to the alumnae and friends who have either named Notre Dame College in their wills or have established another planned giving vehicle, such as an annuity, a trust or life insurance.

Donor Recognition

You can give a gift to Notre Dame College on your own behalf or to recognize someone who is or has been influential in your life. We, in turn, are committed to honoring you for your gift support of the College.