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Notre Dame College President J. Michael Pressimone, Ed.D., calls for the College community to continue to care for others no matter the outcome of the elections. In his email letter to faculty, staff and students, he also announces a campus discussion forum that will be open to those who may wish to discuss election results.

November 2, 2020

To the Notre Dame College campus community:

Some of you may be seeing this the evening before the election, others during the election or perhaps after the election has concluded. Whatever your circumstance, I hope this email finds you well.

I have had the opportunity to meet with many of our first year Falcons over the last several weeks. I am well aware that the stress level on campus related to the virus has been trending higher and higher. Now, as we near the conclusion of a contentious presidential race, there may be additional stress as we await election results which could take some time.

This is not a political statement. I look at each of you, members of the Notre Dame College community, and I see God‘s hand at work in each unique individual. None of us can be defined simply by the vote we cast in any election. We are complex people with complex feelings and beliefs.

That being said, I would hope that, no matter the outcome of the election, we can all come together around a common set of aspirations that bring our community together rather than drive us apart. This is difficult. Our political climate, at times, seeks to create divisions. We are called to a higher purpose.

Simply stated, the issues facing our society before the election will still face our society after the election. Our heritage, rooted in the Sisters of Notre Dame, calls us to care for the needs of individuals in need no matter what lever they happen to pull on election day. We must still fight to eliminate systemic racism in our country. We must serve the poor. We must care for the needy. We must be a place of access, opportunity and empowerment through education.  We must do all we can to create a world of trust, peace and understanding by learning from one another.

I understand that some of you may need time to process the results of the election, and I invite you to do that as part of a group discussion on Wednesday evening. The link to discussion is …

Wednesday NOV. 4th
9 p.m. via Zoom

If you feel you need to speak to someone confidentially, I suggest you reach to out to our very able counselling staff …

Main Office: 216.373.6459
Emergency On Call: 216.373.7199

I simply ask this evening that you join me in a moment of prayer for our campus, our communities and our country no matter the outcome of the election. May we continue to care for one another on our campus and beyond. I will hold you all in prayer.


Michael Pressimone, Ed.D.
President, Notre Dame College



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