Questions and Answers

Frequently asked questions about living at Notre Dame College

What Is Notre Dame College's philosophy about living on campus?
The Office of Residence Life will provide quality housing and programming that enhances the overall learning experience of students at Notre Dame College while increasing awareness for personal and global responsibility. 

Can I choose who I will live with?
The Department of Residence Life makes every effort to give students their preferences marked on their housing application.

When will I know my room assignment?
Each year the housing assignments will be sent out no later than July 31.

How long are the beds? What size sheets do I need?
The beds are extra-long twin mattresses. You will need to bring extra long twin sheets. This can be found in the preparing for college section at your local department store.

Can I decorate my room?
Yes. This is your home for the academic year; make it your own with pictures, posters, TVs, stereos, bed spreads etc. Please do not have decorations that will cause permanent damage to the room. Have fun with it! Please note that the only adhesive allowed in the residence halls is blue painters tape (Falcon Tape).  All other adhesive will cause damage in the residence halls and is strictly prohibited.

Where can I do my laundry?
Providence, Harks, and Petersen residence halls are equipped with laundry facilities that are free of charge for students in campus housing.

Where will I get my mail?
Students have mailboxes available to them in the campus mail room. Mailboxes are generally assigned during your orientation. If you have questions directly related to mail contact the mailroom at 216.373.5380.

Do I need a parking pass for my car?
As of right now there are no parking passes for any of the lots on campus, however, you will register your car when you receive your ID.

What furniture comes in my room?
Each Residence Hall room is furnished with two bed frames, two twin extra-long mattresses, two dressers, two desks, and two desk chairs. All furniture needs to remain in the room during the entire academic year.

Can I have a phone in my room?
Residence life does not provide a phone, however, a phone jack, and a phone line is in the room and free local calling is included. Each Residence Hall room is equipped with two voicemail boxes. If only one resident occupies the room, only one mailbox may be used. Instruction sheets are available to guide on voicemail set-up.


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