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…Notre Dame’s nursing program has allowed me opportunities in my career that I never would have been given without my BSN. I vividly remember telling a professor that I “did not believe having more initials behind my name would make me a better nurse.” I maintain that the initials do not make you a better nurse, but the education and opportunities it affords allows me to be that better nurse. I have been given more career opportunities since obtaining my BSN, and realize developing my skills, expertise and education does add to that, “better nurse” version of myself.

I support the nursing program at NDC that Dr. Diane Jedlicka and her dynamic faculty built can continue developing nurses who make a difference in our world through care and compassion. NDC faculty encouraged my personal and professional growth and I am truly grateful to all. It is my responsibility to continue this growth and support this opportunity for others enrolled in the nursing program.

Bridget O’Callahan ’12, BSN, MSN, RN, CCM

…I believe a liberal arts education is essential to creating a foundation for men and women who desire to become leaders in their communities.

Through the diverse educational base provided by NDC, our students are taught to be independent learners, thinkers, and well rounded teachers in every aspect of their lives.

This foundation also gives them the confidence to pursue what they want in life, be creative, and adjust to a world of constant change while maintaining a desire to succeed as a “whole” person.

Notre Dame College provides students with the knowledge and the confidence to continue to explore.

These are my reasons for giving to our Alma Mater …what are yours?

Trish Sgro-Kickel ‘86
International By Design-Owner Consultant/Translator
Sgro’s Barbershop, Owner/Barber Stylist
Hot Lather Productions LLC- Co-Owner Aspiring Writer

…I believe in NDC’s mission statement “to educate a diverse population in liberal arts for personal, professional and global responsibility” and I realize that small private Catholic colleges need strong financial support from their graduates to fulfill their mission. I appreciate how NDC contributes to the community of South Euclid where I grew up through help with the community gardens, as well as presenting concerts and plays for the community.

Dr. Carole Prochaska Smith ’61