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Student Stories:

Michael S.
"The relationships I had with my teachers in high school weren't that strong. When I got here, it was a very warm welcome."

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Business Administration


Guard, Men’s Basketball, Student Ambassador, Tour Guide

Michael’s Story

“What I like about Notre Dame is first: the faculty. Everybody here is tight-knit, we all know each other. Coming from the high school I went to, we had roughly about 1,000 graduates in my class. The relationships I had with my teachers in high school weren’t that strong. When I got here, it was a very warm welcome,” says Falcons basketball guard and Notre Dame junior, Mike Sampson. Notre Dame College has helped him come out of his shell, while staying on his grind and working hard.

Mike sees himself as a quiet kid until he gets to know people, but his goofy personality is palpable, and because of his campus celebrity, many friends call him “Mr. NDC.” He’s a fixture in the Admissions Office, where he works with other students leading tours and helping counselors plan for upcoming visit days. “Being a student ambassador has helped me learn the business of how an organization like Notre Dame College works, from the top on down. Learning how to communicate, market, advertise, all that stuff. It’s been a great learning experience this summer,” he says.

“I’m doing well academically, as well as in athletics. My professors try to help in any way they can. It’s pretty dope how the class sizes are usually between eight and fourteen students, and it has really helped my grades.” Mike has gained confidence on the court as well. “Just this summer, we’ve had a few open gyms where I got to compete against a lot of pros and Division I players. It’s not only opened my eyes to the fact that I can compete, but also that I still have work to do, and that’s going to make me better when we do get into the conference because I’ll have seen the best and played with the best guys.”

“At the end of the day, I know every college says what they’re great at,” Mike reflects. “This is a place where we understand that we still have a lot of room to grow, and we want everyone to be a part of it, because everyone has room to grow.”

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