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Student Stories:

Lisa S.
"My advice for prospective students picking a college is honestly choosing somewhere that feels right in their gut."

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Music Entrepreneurship


Drum Major, Marching Band; Flute/Piccolo, Concert Band; Concert Choir; Chamber Choir; Theatre, performed in Grease, The Addams Family

Lisa’s Story

Lisa Stover didn’t have a great impression of college after her first semester. “I hated it; it was way too big, and I couldn’t find my place. I actually was late to my math class at least five times because I couldn’t find where it was. I kind of gave up,” she says. Then, she transferred to Notre Dame College to be closer to her brother, who was also attending the school.

Things really began to turn around her junior year. She joined the concert and marching band, and also decided to switch majors to more closely reflect her true passion, music entrepreneurship with a focus in vocal studies. She hopes to become a vocal coach and remain an active performer in the future.

“Listening back to my freshman performances compared to my most recent, it’s pretty evident that my amount of confidence is the biggest growth I had. Since I started lessons, every semester it’s become easier to sing without any tension or complications within my vocal cords like I used to have when I first started.”

The smaller class sizes helped Lisa develop a deep understanding of music theory and bond with peers in the choir. In fact, she met her fiancé Reilly through their choir director. “They actually sat him down at my table during lunch and told me to help him make friends. It wasn’t until about a year after that when we started becoming closer.”

“My advice for prospective students picking a college is honestly choosing somewhere that feels right in their gut. What I mean is, an environment that they know will make them comfortable,” she explains. “I needed something smaller, with a community where it was easier to make friends. So if a college feels right to you on orientation day and your gut is telling you that this is your home, go for it.”

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