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Student Stories

Meet Your Future Classmates

Welcome to Notre Dame College—where your peers are as passionate, engaged and driven as you are.

Notre Dame College’s small, diverse student body is a close-knit community of doers, innovators and global thinkers. Students at NDC aren’t just one thing. The football player who won the last game is also a community organizer. The art major next door is president of the entrepreneurship club. The nursing student in your biology class takes free yoga classes on campus every weekend.

Notre Dame College students explore their passions and share them with others. They sharpen their strengths and learn to collaborate where they fall short. They define their values and pursue career paths that are meaningful and rewarding.

Sound like people you’d like to meet? 

Schedule a visit to campus for the full, in-person experience. Until then, get acquainted with our students by watching the videos below.




Discover the Real You at NDC

Your NDC education can waken and shape your passions, sharpen strengths and lead to a career path that is meaningful and rewarding. Discover your potential at NDC.