Undergraduate Student Government

What is USG?

The Undergraduate Student Government at Notre Dame College is a student governed organization that represents the diverse student body population. USG provides opportunities for students to work with the college’s administration to contribute and improve the NDC student experience. Through Notre Dame’s mission USG will help students develop, personally, professionally, and through time become more globally aware.


Each member may choose to belong to one of the following committees in USG: The Responsibility Committee, Academic Affairs Committee, Service Committee, Communications Committee or Student Activities Committee (FAB). These committees will work one on one with direct advisors to further advocate for students, engage students, and moreover enhance leadership on NDC’s Campus. If you would like to become involved, please click the President Box below for more information.


Undergraduate Student Government Organizational Structure

Position Name Email
USG  President Jackie Corrigan jcorrigan14@students.ndc.edu

Riley Doyle

USG VP Of Responsibility Malik Grove


USG VP Of FAB Cullen Marvin


USG VP Of Communications

Carter Daniels


USG VP of Community Service

Brooke Collins


USG Secretary

Heath Burkholder


USG Treasurer

Norah Barnes



Advisor Participant Roster

Student Government Position NDC Advisor Title E-mail & Telephone
President Tera Johnson Interim Dean of Students & Title IX Coordinator tjohnson@ndc.edu 216.373.5181

Samantha George &

Karen Poelking

Assistant Dean of Students

Vice Pres. of Board & Community Relations

sgeorge@ndc.edu 216.373.5366


Vice Pres. of Student Responsibility Tera Johnson Dean of Students & Title IX Coordinator tjohnson@ndc.edu 216.373.5181
Vice Pres. Of Falcon Activity Board Katie Hartman Director of Student Engagement & Leadership

khartman@ndc.edu 216-373-5263

Vice Pres. of Student Service Ted Steiner Director of Campus Ministry tsteiner@ndc.edu216.373.3802
Vice Pres. of Communication Brian Johnston Chief Communications Officer bjohnston@ndc.edu216.373.5252


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