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Clubs & Organizations

Clubs & OrganizationsJoin a club or organization at Notre Dame College! This is a perfect way to socialize with other students while pursuing personal interests and developing leadership skills.

A wide variety of clubs and groups thrive on the campus of Notre Dame College. Are we missing a group that you want to join? One of the many fabulous things about NDC is that you can start the club yourself!  All you need to do is meet with the Director of Student Engagement & Leadership, Katie Hartman (khartman@ndc.edu) or stop by her office in the Falcons’ Nest to learn more.

Below is our current list of social, academic, recreational, and communication clubs on campus!  Check it out!

  • Art Club
  • Bible Study
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Falcon Activity Board (FAB)
  • Glee Club
  • Gospel Choir
  • Innovative Engineering Club
  • Math Educators Club
  • Clubs & OrganizationsNDCe (NDC Entrepreneurship Club)
  • NDC FirstGen Club
  • NDC Game Club
  • Political Science-Pre Law
  • Prism
  • Running Club
  • SAAC
  • Scholars of Color
  • Student Nursing Association


Clubs & Organizations

So you want to start a new club at NDC? Great! What do you do now?

Here are 5 steps to get you started…
  1. Group Name

Determine a club name. Keep the NDC Mission in mind when naming your group as your group name needs to be school appropriate.

  1. Advisor

Determine who will be your club advisor. Must be a full-time faculty, staff, or administrator of the college.

  1. Mission Statement

Each Club needs a mission statement that describes the purpose of your organization. Focus on what the group does, how will you serve students and the community, and how your group connects with the NDC Mission.

  1. Hold an interest meeting

Goal is to gauge level of interest in the NDC student population. Each clubs needs a minimum of 4 members to become an official club. Create an agenda for your meeting and discuss the mission statement and goals of the club. Advisors are strongly encouraged to attend this interest meeting. Build in an ice-breaker and listen to students and allow them to voice their opinions and ideas. Have a sign-in sheet and determine what needs to happen next and who plans to help with that project. Spread the word via social media, word of mouth, banners, postings, etc. to get others involved too!

  1. Request Funding from Undergraduate Student Government (USG)

Stop by the Student Engagement Office to learn more about the funding process and how to request funds from USG. All forms for new spring semester clubs has since passed.