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Art Gallery Policies

  • Book-A-Year Club Gallery Exhibition List and Cost Agreement
  • Conditions Governing Loan of Objects to Book-A-Year Club Gallery
Select this link for a two page PDF file with these forms (GalleryExhibition.pdf, 8KB).

The Clara Fritzsche Library & Book-A-Year Club Gallery adhere to the following gallery policies:

1. Nine weeks prior to the opening of an exhibit, the artist must submit an artist’s statement, resume and two black and white photographs or line drawings for publicity purposes.

2. Four weeks prior to the opening, the artist must submit a list of titles and dollar value of works to be displayed. This is for insurance purposes and all paperwork must be filed prior to the arrival of the works of art. Any claims for loss or damages will be limited to the dollar value stated in the exhibition list. A title submitted with an excessive value may be excluded from the exhibit by the college.

3. All works must arrive framed and ready for installation. Complete identification, name, title, address and phone number should appear on the back of each work of art or an identification label should be attached.

4. Notre Dame College will receive 20% of any sales made by the artist of works included in the exhibit. The artist will be notified if a party is interested in purchasing a work of art. The artist will be required to pay the 20% commission for all sales to the library at the close of the exhibit.

5. All works on display are covered under Notre Dame College’s insurance policy, however, due to the location of the Gallery within the library, this area is open while the library is in use. Library personnel are always present during library hours and the gallery is locked when the library is closed, with security guards on patrol at night.

6. The library will handle publicity for the exhibit, write press releases, produce flyers, post an announcement on the college’s website and information will be published in the campus newsletter. Announcements and information concerning upcoming exhibits will be sent to the local media and to the appropriate community calendars or gallery listings. A personal postcard or invitation is the responsibility of the individual artist.

7. The artist is responsible for installation, however, the library will provide support as needed such as writing work orders for additional assistance from the campus Maintenance Department in set up or take down. The artist must pay all shipping fees.

8. All works of art should arrive no more than two days prior to the opening and be removed no more than two days after the closing since the library does not have adequate storage areas for holding works of art.

9. The library will assist the artist with a reception if the artist chooses to have one. The library can provide tables, serving trays, coffee urns, cups, plates, tablecloths, silverware and napkins. Responsibilities for food and drink are divided between the artist and the library depending on the size of the affair.

10. The Book-A-Year Club Gallery reserves the right to remove any works of art prior to the opening which are deemed unsuitable for college display or which do not comply with the mission statement of the college and gallery.

11. All artwork must be hung by wire from the steel hanging rack. Artwork or signage may not be taped to walls or wood surfaces. If tape is needed for labels, it must be of the removable variety. The gallery must be left in the condition it was found in. It is the responsibility of the artist to repair any damage occurring during installation or takedown or to reimburse the library for the cost of repairing the damage.