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Circulation Policies & Procedures

OhioLINK Circulation Policies & Procedures

OhioLINK Consortium Circulation Agreement
Non-OhioLINK Interlibrary Loan Policies

Circulation Policies & Procedures

Who may borrow materials from the Clara Fritzsche Library?

The Clara Fritzsche Library primarily exists to serve the research needs and interests of the Notre Dame College community. Therefore the circulation of library materials is primarily restricted to current students, faculty, and staff of Notre Dame College. These patrons must present a valid Notre Dame College ID card in order to check out materials. (Family or household members of these patrons can only check out materials with the affiliated patron’s ID and his/her explicit permission.)

Students may borrow materials only while they are actively enrolled or conducting research through the College as determined by the Registrar. Patron records are created and updated near the start of each academic term.

Only Notre Dame College students, faculty, and staff are eligible to borrow materials through OhioLINK (see OhioLINK section).

The library also extends borrowing privileges to degree-holding alumni of the College and Sisters of Notre Dame at no charge. These individuals must apply in person to the library in order to check out materials. Cards are not issued, but a guest/alumni patron record is created in the Integrated Library System (ILS). A photo ID must be presented each and every time materials are checked out.

The NDC Library has reciprocal borrowing agreements with the libraries of all OhioLINK member libraries . Patrons of these libraries may borrow from the Clara Fritzsche Library as guest patrons (see below) at no charge by presenting a valid institutional photo ID. Likewise, members of affiliated groups, such as the Eastern Church Planning Committee or the Western Reserve Calligraphers, may borrow as guest patrons at no charge (see below).

Patrons of OhioLINK libraries who are physically present in the library may check out materials directly. However, any check out transaction will be treated as an OhioLINK request through the patron’s home library. Borrowing privileges of OhioLINK patrons are limited to only those materials that circulate through OhioLINK (e.g., books, videos, audio CDs).

As a courtesy to the larger community, the NDC Library allows non-affiliated patrons to check out materials. Anyone not included above is eligible to become a guest patron of the Library for a yearly fee of $5.00. Guest patrons are not issued a card, but must apply in person and present a photo ID each and every time materials are checked out. Refer to the Guest Patron Policy below.

Where does a patron obtain a College ID to check out materials?

Notre Dame College students, faculty, and staff can obtain a College ID from the Admissions Office, located in the Administration Building. Student, faculty, and staff patrons must also sign a NDC Library & OhioLINK Circulation Agreement to begin library borrowing.

The ID card holder is responsible for all materials borrowed with the card and its associated NDC ID number. Patrons should notify the library staff of any changes in name, address or telephone number. Only the Circulation Manager or Library Director will make updates in the INNOPAC patron records.

 How long can patrons check out materials?

Most circulating materials will be checked out according to the following table:

Patron Type Standard Loan Period
(for Notre Dame College materials only)
 Alumni or Guests  3 weeks (21 days)
 Students, Faculty, Staff or Sisters of Notre Dame  End of current semester or summer session


Certain library materials have restricted loan periods as indicated in the following table:

Material Type Standard Loan Period
(for Notre Dame College materials only)
Annual Reports 1 week
Audio-Visual Equipment(Slide Projectors, etc.) 1 week
Audio-Visual Materials
(Videos, Cassettes, CDs, Slides, etc.)
3 weeks
Microfiche “In Library Use Only”
(Serials, Magazines, Journals, etc.)
“In Library Use Only”
(except Faculty, Staff, & Sisters of Notre Dame: 1 week)
Permanent Reserve (behind Circulation Desk) “In Library Use Only,” overnight, 3 days, 7 days, 2 weeks, or 3 weeks (as indicated by library staff)
Reference “In Library Use Only”
(except Faculty, Staff, & Sisters of Notre Dame: 1 week)
(behind Circulation Desk)
(“In Library Use Only,” overnight, 3 days, 7 days, 2 weeks, or 3 weeks (as indicated by library staff or course instructor)


How many items can a patron have checked out at one time?

Students, staff, faculty, alumni, and Sisters of Notre Dame are not limited by the number of items they may check out at one time. Guest patrons are limited to five items.

Where can patrons return materials?

Patrons must return all materials to the Circulation Desk during library business hours. Books may also be returned by depositing them in the book drop to the left of the library main entrance (the south entrance) when the library is closed or library staff are unavailable.

Items returned to any other library (e.g., a Cleveland Public Library) will not be checked in until they are physically returned to the Clara Fritzsche Library. Items returned to the wrong library will be treated as lost and the patron will be billed for replacement. If an item is returned after the replacement charge has been paid, the amount will be refunded minus any overdue fines.

Can patrons renew library materials?

Items may be renewed by phone (216.373.5267). Please have your checkout receipt handy when calling to renew. Checked-out NDClibrary materials (even overdue materials) may be renewed as often as needed unless one of the following conditions applies:

  • the item has been recalled by the library,
  • a hold has been placed on the item by another patron, or
  • the patron has been designated delinquent (i.e., excessive unpaid fines or lost books).

(NOTE: Guest patrons may NOT renew if either their number of items borrowed exceeds five or they have any overdue fines or unpaid lost items.)

 How can patrons hold materials?

Any patron in good standing may request that an NDC library item be held for check out. The primary method for placing holds is through a library staff member; contact the library at 216.373.5267 or email with the the following information:

  • full name and a phone number or e-mail address
  • a complete description of the item needed (author, title, and ISBN number, if available).

If an item is currently unavailable from the NDC collection but time permits, it will be requested through OhioLINK (NDC students, faculty, or staff members only), interlibrary loan, or another local source, if possible. An NDC library item will not be recalled unless specifically requested (see recall procedure below). Holds will be filled on a first-placed, first-filled basis.

The requesting patron will be notified by email or phone when a hold has been returned and can be checked out. The item will be kept on the hold shelf behind the Circulation Desk for one week unless the patron requests an extension.

Only library staff can cancel a hold. All holds will be canceled at the end of each semester (spring, summer, and fall) unless the patron placing the hold requests otherwise. Holds will also be canceled if the requested item becomes lost, missing, billed, or if the item is placed on reserve. The requesting patron will be notified of this action by email or by phone.

Does the library recall materials?

The library recalls checked-out materials for patrons on a limited and voluntary basis. The library staff will notify the borrowing patron of a recall by email or phone. Once contacted, the library relies on the voluntary cooperation of the borrowing patron. No charges are imposed nor are due dates altered when NDC library books are recalled. Recalled items cannot be renewed.

The requesting patron will be notified as soon as the item is returned. After one week, the item will be removed from the hold shelf.

(NOTE: OhioLINK does impose charges on recalled items. See OhioLINK section.)

How much does the library charge for overdue materials?

Patrons are charged overdue fines according to the following table:

Item Type Amount Charged
Non-Reserve Materials 10¢ per item per day
In-Library-Use Only (hourly checkout) Reserve Materials 50¢ per item per HOUR
Reserve Materials 50¢ per item per day
Audio-Visual Equipment $1.00 per item per day
OhioLINK Materials 50¢ per item per day ($2.00 per item per day if recalled)
Non-OhioLINK Interlibrary Loan Materials Determined by the lending library


Faculty, staff, and Sisters of Notre Dame only are exempt from fines imposed by the NDC library on non-OhioLINK items (OhioLINK and interlibrary loan charges apply to all patrons).

Fines are charged only for hours and days that the library is open. The library has a one-day grace period on all non-reserve materials. This means that the fines will accumulate but not be charged to a patron until the second day that an item is overdue.

The maximum overdue fine per item will not exceed $7.00 or the original cost of the item, whichever is less. The maximum overdue fine per patron in a single day will not exceed $25.00.

How much does the library charge for damaged materials?

The types of damage for which patrons may be charged include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • water damage,
  • torn pages,
  • “dog-eared” or folded pages,
  • missing pages,
  • defaced pages (e.g, highlighting, underlining, side notes, etc.),
  • loose or broken binding,
  • missing cover, or
  • missing dust jacket.

In general, the library will charge $5.00 per damaged item. However, if an item cannot be repaired or can no longer be circulated due to damage, the borrowing patron will be charged for replacement (see lost materials below).

How much does the library charge for lost materials?

Patrons who fail to return a NDC library item after two academic terms will be charged the replacement value plus a $5.00 processing fee per item. (See OhioLINK section for lost OhioLINK items.) The cost for replacement of an item will be determined by the price indicated in the item record or the current selling price of the item in new or like-new condition (as found on, for example) if no price is indicated. If the current selling price cannot be determined, the following table will be used as a guideline according to the discretion of the Circulation Manager:

Item Type Replacement Cost
(includes processing fee)
Hardcover Book  $30.00
Curriculum Book  $30.00
Juvenile Hardcover Book  $20.00
Paperback Book  $20.00
DVD  $50.00
Video Cassette  $50.00
Filmstrip, Slides, or Kit  $30.00
Record  $13.00
CD or Audio Cassette  $13.00
Pamphlet    $5.00
Annual Report    $5.00


What if a student or alumni patron does not return overdue materials or pay outstanding fines?

Borrowing privileges will be suspended (except for interlibrary use only) for any student or alumni patron who has overdue materials and/or fines exceeding $15.00. The Circulation Manager will hold grade reports and/or transcripts for any student or alumni patron who has overdue materials or unpaid fines exceeding $15.00. Grades and/or transcripts are released when all overdue materials are returned and all applicable fines or charges have been paid in full.

What if a faculty, staff, or Sister of Notre Dame patron does not return overdue materials?

If items are not returned for more than two academic terms, the borrowing privileges of faculty, staff, or Sister of Notre Dame patrons will be suspended at the discretion of the Circulation Manager and Library Director. In rare instances, overdue items can be placed on permanent loan.

What if a patron claims that an item was returned?

If a patron believes that a checked out item was returned, the library staff should be informed immediately. (Patrons should not conduct their own searches of the library as they may still be held responsible for overdue fines.) When notified, the Circulation Manager will initiate a thorough search. The patron is also encouraged to search for the item at home.

If the item is found, evidence of its return date will be evaluated before any overdue fines are levied. If the Circulation Manager determines that the item was returned prior to the due date or no probable return date can be determined, no overdue fines will be charged.

If the item is not found within 14 days of notification, the borrowing patron will be charged the replacement cost for the item. If the item is found after the replacement cost has been paid, the amount will be refunded minus any overdue fines based on evidence of its return date.

Last Revised: February 2017

OhioLINK Circulation Policies & Procedures

Select this link for the
OhioLINK Policy Handbook
for a more complete explanation.

Who may borrow through OhioLINK?

OhioLINK allows only NDC student, faculty, and staff patrons to borrow books from any of over 120 academic libraries in Ohio. Requests can be initiated by NDC library staff or patrons themselves. If a book is currently available for check out from the NDC library collection, an OhioLINK request will not be made. Faculty patrons may not place OhioLINK books onto reserve at the library.

 How soon can a patron pick up a book requested through OhioLINK?

Most requests will be filled within 2-4 days and can be picked up at the Circulation Desk. Patrons will be notified by email or phone when an item is ready to be picked up. Any item not picked up within 7 days will be returned and a $2.00 fee will be charged to the patron.

How long can a patron keep an OhioLINK book?

The length of an OhioLINK loan is 21 days. A book may be renewed up to six times for another 21 days. As a service to Notre Dame College students, faculty, and staff the library will automatically initiate the renewals. The book must be physically returned to the library by the end of each semester or summer session, or a fine of $15.00 will be assessed. If the book is still needed, a second copy can be requested about one week before the last due date. Renewals will not be allowed for materials that have a hold placed on them.

Can OhioLINK books be recalled?

A book may be recalled at anytime by the lending library. If so, the due date will be changed and the borrowing patron will be contacted by phone. Failure to return the book by the new due date will incur a fine of $2.00 per day.

What if a patron fails to return an OhioLINK book on time?

Overdue fines on OhioLINK books accumulate at a rate of 50¢ per book per day. There is a 3-day grace period for OhioLINK books. The maximum overdue fine on any OhioLINK book THAT IS RETURNED is $15.00.

What if a patron loses an OhioLINK book?

A patron will be billed $115.00 for a lost OhioLINK book. This amount includes a default replacement charge of $100.00 plus a $15.00 processing fee. In some cases, the replacement charge will be determined according to the actual price of the item.

An OhioLINK book is considered lost 30 days after the due date. These charges are canceled if an item is returned, but overdue charges will still apply.

Patron Record Confidentiality

The Clara Fritzsche Library keeps all circulation and patron information contained in the ILS (Integrated Library System) in confidence. Library staff will not release to any third party (excepting other Notre Dame College personnel) any information:

  • on the specific titles or subjects of those titles an identifiable patron has checked out
  • a patron’s name or address, or other revealing identification, with an item out on loan
  • within any patron’s record

This disallows providing such information to any library patrons, borrowers, library users, police departments, credit agencies, or collection agencies. This covers all current and historical circulation records and any interlibrary loan transactions.

The library may make the following exceptions only in the following circumstances:

  • with the patron’s explicit consent
  • judicial order or search warrant
  • academic misconduct as defined by Notre Dame College
  • the patron has delinquent library charges or the patron has violated the terms of borrowing privileges. In these instances, the library may release pertinent information to any Notre Dame College personnel, or the College’s agents, after the library staff has made reasonable attempts to contact the patron concerning the specific charges and the specific title(s) involved. Information will be limited to the charges and title(s) in question.

Last revised: February 2017

Clara Fritzsche Library/OhioLINK Circulation Agreement for Faculty, Staff and Students

Select this link to access the circulation agreement in interactive or printable formats.

Some circulation policies are highlighted below:

  • Patrons will be held responsible and liable for all materials checked out in their name using their Notre Dame ID barcode number. Patrons also agree to pay any fines, charges or fees that are assessed to them according to the Library’s circulation policies and procedures.
  • The Circulation Librarian or Library Director may suspend a patron’s borrowing privileges at any time for non-payment of fines, charges or fees. Borrowing privileges may be permanently suspended if a patron demonstrates frequent or repeated disregard of library notices or policies.
  • Patrons are charged overdue fines according to the following table:


 Item Type

Amount Charged

 Non-Reserve Materials  10¢ per item per day
 In-Library-Use Only (hourly checkout) Reserve Materials  50¢ per item per HOUR
 Reserve Materials  50¢ per item per day
 Audio-Visual or Technology Equipment  $1.00 per item per day
 OhioLINK Materials  50¢ per item per day

($2.00 per item per day if recalled)

 Non-OhioLINK Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Materials  Determined by the lending library


Faculty and staff are exempted from fines only on materials owned by the Clara Fritzsche Library. (OhioLINK and interlibrary loan charges apply to all patrons).

  • A patron will be charged $2.00 for failing to pick up an OhioLINK or interlibrary loan item within 7 days of notification of its arrival.
  • The standard replacement charge for any lost OhioLINK item is $115.00. This charge applies to any OhioLINK item more than 30 days overdue.

Non-OhioLINK Interlibrary Loan Policies

What is interlibrary loan?

Interlibrary loan (ILL) enables the NDC library to obtain materials from other libraries throughout the country. Nearly all interlibrary loans are for books and for scanned or photocopied journal articles, although occasionally other materials can be obtained. Books published within the previous six months and books in restricted collections are often too difficult to obtain.

Who can borrow through interlibrary loan?

Any patron of the library (see Circulation policies) can make an ILL request. This service is offered at no charge.

 How does a patron make a request?

The patron must fill out a Book Request form at the library circulation desk, or email The following information must be provieded:

  • his/her name
  • contact information (email or phone number; messages will be left on voice mail or an answering machine unless the library staff is instructed otherwise)
  • for a book: title and author (with publisher, publication date, edition, and ISBN, if available)
  • for an article: journal title, volume, issue, date of issue, and page numbers (with article title and author, if available)

Requests are processed within 24 hours.

How long will a patron wait before an ILL request can be picked up?

Most requests take 7-14 days to arrive. In some cases, articles can be scanned and transmitted to the library within 24 hours. Patrons are encouraged to allow adequate time to obtain ILL items.

Patrons will be notified by email or phone after an ILL item arrives at the library. Patrons will be charged $2.00 if an interlibrary loan is not picked up within 7 days of being notified of its arrival at the library. The patron assumes responsibility for any message left on voice mail or an answering machine unless the library staff is specifically instructed not to leave messages.

Last Revised: February 2017