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Internship Program

The Internship Program at Notre Dame College will:

  • Provide real world experience in your field of study
  • Give you a competitive edge over other college graduates
  • Assist in providing networking opportunities in the professional world
  • Help you narrow down the areas to pursue in your field

Although the Internship Program is not mandatory for all students, all Notre Dame College students are encouraged to participate in the program.

For all questions related to this program, email

All students who intend to register for internship credit hours must attend one Internship Orientation. Any student who does not attend an orientation will not be permitted to register for internship credit hours. All requests and questions regarding internships, including how to register to attend an orientation, must be sent via email to

  1. Internship Approval Directions:
    • The forms may be filled out online and sent to your faculty advisor via email for his/her approval.
    • Make sure you include all required attachments when this is sent to your faculty advisor and emailed to Failure to include all required information and attachments will delay the approval of your internship.
    • Remember that you must also present a copy of your completed and signed Internship Proposal Forms in order to register for internship credit hours at Student Services. This can be done in person or remotely via email. Approval for your internship is separate from course registration and Moodle.
  2. Internship Program Student Guide
  3. Internship Program Faculty Guide