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Hazing is an often ritualistic test and a task, which may constitute harassment, abuse or humiliation with requirements to perform random, often meaningless tasks, sometimes as a way of initiation into a social group. The definition can refer to either physical (sometimes violent) or mental (possibly degrading) practices; it may also include an ‘erotic’ element (notably nudity).

Often most or all of the endurance, or at least the more serious ordeal, is concentrated in an orgiastic collective session, which may be called hell night, or prolonged to a hell week and/or retreat or camp, sometimes again at the pledge’s birthday (e.g. by birthday spanking), but some traditions keep terrorizing pledges (a common term for the initiation candidates; alternative terms include newbie, rookie, mainly in athletic teams and freshman) over a long period.

Hazing is often used as a method to promote group loyalty and camaraderie through shared suffering (male bonding in fraternities), either with fellow participants, past participants or both.

Hazing is illegal under the Ohio Revised Code and under Notre Dame College Policies. Under no circumstance should any act of hazing Рno matter how minor Рoccur on the Notre Dame College Campus, by a member of the Notre Dame College Community on or off campus, or in order to achieve acceptance into any Notre Dame College organization. If you feel you are the victim of hazing, immediately report the incident to the Associate Dean of Students, Director of Residence Life, or a Police or Security Officer.