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The ASC staff and tutors were always encouraging and helpful. They provided a great place for studying, getting much needed help and always kept me organized. They pushed me to do more than just the minimum! I even got to know some of my professors better through my work with the ASC. -James Rossi


The Rossi Family

Rossi FamilyJames Rossi, a 2016 Notre Dame College (NDC) graduate, came to the school from John F. Kennedy High School in Warren, Ohio.  As a member of the Academic Support Center (ASC), not only did James become an integral part of the center, but his parents did too.  Dennis and Luann Rossi quickly recognized that they could help their son as well as the center as a whole.

Each semester the Rossi family, who were so pleased with the education that NDC provides its students, found ways to say thank you.  For example, always eager to volunteer, they graciously provided food for the students and staff during finals week and have continued even after James’ graduation. It was never a surprise to find them on the list of attendees for the ASC’s Fall Parent Meeting and Spring Recognition Day.  Upon graduation, the Rossi family dedicated an ASC testing room in James’ honor.

Through their participation and volunteering, the Rossi’s created enduring relationships with many people and departments throughout the college.  They recognized that the personal and caring culture of NDC helped their student thrive in a challenging academic environment.  They are a great example of how the ASC in cooperation with the college, foster a personal experience for the student and their families.


When Luann and I first visited the campus of NDC, we knew this was the right place for James to attend college. Not only because of the reputation of the Academic Support Center, but by how truly they care for their students. Today James is a better person because of his experiences at Notre Dame College. -Denny Rossi

I love walking into that wonderful space of the Academic Support Center and seeing the students studying for finals, getting help from tutors and even the one-on-one help and encouragement from professors. Knowing that James benefited from all of that is so gratifying! Helping to provide food and snacks during such a stressful time for students is very rewarding for me. Denny and I are so happy to see the relationships James has developed with so many wonderful people who had an important part in our son’s development and transition into the business world. We hope that the study room that was dedicated in James’ name will be a great help to many students at the ASC. -Luann Rossi

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ASC Students Are Involved

Did you know that ASC students are some of the most involved students on our campus? ASC students march in the band at football games, perform in the pep band at basketball games and sing in our college’s choir. They have had major roles in the college-produced musicals, both on stage and behind the scenes. ASC students are well represented on NDC’s sports teams including football, track and field, soccer, rugby, golf, bowling, baseball, cross country, swimming and diving, and volleyball. They give tours to prospective NDC students, work as resident advisors in the dorms and write for our student newspaper. ASC students hold leadership positions in many campus organizations including Art Club, Poetry Club, and Undergraduate Student Government. They participate in a number of social service projects including helping at the Cleveland Food Bank, tutoring local school children, and traveling not only within the country but also internationally to build homes for underprivileged individuals. The ASC is proud not only of our students’ academic success but also of their commitment to their activities.

Group of Education Symbols


Mission Award Recipients

Courtney Chambers and Brandon Taylor are recipients of this year’s prestigious Mission Award.  The award is given to two Notre Dame College students who exemplify the College’s mission by living the values of personal, professional and global responsibility in their daily lives.  Recipients of the award are nominated by a faculty or staff member.  Congratulations to both Courtney and Brandon for being wonderful representatives of not only the college, but also the Academic Support Center!

Courtney Chambers Brandon Taylor



In the Spotlight … Vincent J. Palombo, D.B.A.

By: Sister Frances Murray, SND

Vince Palumbo

Dr. Palombo, Doctor of Business Administration and Assistant Professor of Business Administration, is Vice-President for Academic and Student Affairs. Amid his many and varied administrative duties, being a professor clearly remains his first love. Although this semester he is only able to teach one class, Operations Management, he styles this experience “the highlight of my day and a stress reliever. I learn a lot when I teach.”

In 2009, Dr. Palombo came to Notre Dame College after more than twenty years spent in manufacturing. He taught in the Jack Welch Management Program, primarily an on-line program. What he really wanted was to have the connection with students in a classroom. His “dream schedule” includes teaching a course at every level each semester in order to build connections with students now and later as alumni, sharing memories and updates.

As an educator, Dr. Palombo prefers to think of himself as an “edutainer”. His students have come to expect him to create unique learning plans which spark their attention and connect ideas. His philosophy of teaching is straightforward: “I always put students first.” For him, listening, seeing the good in others, and being positive are valued skills. He is convinced that maintaining composure is a critical and professional trait; “hostility does not align with success.”

In 2016, Dr. Palombo’s name was added to the Academic Support Center’s Wall of Fame. He affirms: “I don’t recognize ASC students as different from other students. Every student has something to deal with.” He sees the ASC as building connections and “anything that aligns with student success is a benefit to the College.” His message to students: “Take advantage of every resource. Get involved in any activity in which you have an interest. Make as many personal connections as you can. Learn beyond the classroom.” Following his own advice, Dr. Palombo’s “hobby” is reading as many newspapers as he can every day, always looking for connections.



Delta Alpha Pi Summary

The Delta Alpha Pi International Honor Society has had a busy year. In the fall, the DAP organized an outing for ASC students. The group had dinner together at Piada and then enjoyed a few hours bowling and playing whirly ball. Nearly 30 ASC students participated. In March, the DAP inducted 23 new members into the honor society as well as presented honor cords to 15 graduates. At the ceremony, the DAP also made a donation to Julie Billiart School, a local elementary school for children with learning differences which is founded in the educational principles of the Sisters of Notre Dame. Another fun event was a dinner and a movie outing for ASC students in March. Nearly 30 ASC students enjoyed dinner together at Five Guys Burgers and Fries and then saw Beauty and the Beast at a local movie theater. The DAP officers and members held a campus-wide Bingo night for more than 40 students in February. Snacks and prizes made for an exciting evening. The DAP members sold Malley’s candy bars throughout the school year to help fund these events. A special thank you to the Kosch and Chambers families for their generous donations which made the DAP activities possible. 

Thank you to the outgoing DAP Board Members:

BOBBY JACOBS, president, Brandon Taylor, treasurer, and Gloria Voelker, secretary.

And a big congratulations to the new DAP Board members:

KAYLA HOLCOMB, president, Morgan Hansen, vice president, Brian Geschke, treasurer, and Joey Styranka, secretary.

New Inductees and Graduating Seniors



Graduate Spotlight... Chris Moomaw

Chris Moomaw The small class atmosphere and the beautiful campus are some of the things that Christopher Moomaw appreciates about his time at Notre Dame College. Chris graduated from NDC in 2016 with a degree in Management Information Systems. He is currently employed at Hyland Software as a Technical Consultant in Global Healthcare Services where he is responsible for designing and implementing technical solutions for healthcare customers.

Chris was very involved on campus during his time at NDC. “Most of my joy, growth and inspiration came from leading ND News, the student newspaper, which we completely rebuilt, redeveloped and expanded to include an online news source, breaking news alerts, multimedia podcasts, email outreach and a proprietary app,” said Chris. “I also enjoyed the many other clubs and student organizations I was a part of and was nominated and elected to lead.”

Although a strong student when he entered NDC, Chris credits the help and guidance he received in the ASC for his academic success. “The ASC helped me in a variety of ways, but I would say the largest contributor was the guidance I was given by my mentor and my tutors,” said Chris. “They also helped me learn concepts that I missed or did not understand in high school, such as grammar. Shout out to Julie Szwejkowski for helping me understand the difference between there, their and they’re.”

Chris understands that many parents of students with learning differences are apprehensive about their children succeeding in college. “Parents, my advice to you is relax,” said Chris. “You’ve probably spent the last 18 years stressing out about your child’s potential or future. The ASC will provide them with all the tools they need to succeed, and if they take advantage of those tools, they will go as far in life as they want. I still feel like it was yesterday when my high school English teacher told me I would never graduate college, but look how far I have come. Passion and motivation will always prevail over negativity and fear.”

As for advice to current ASC students, Chris suggests not only focusing on class work but also on outside of the classroom experiences. “I cannot tell you enough how important internships are,” said Chris. “When you apply for a job or graduate school, they may look at your grades and extracurricular activities, but most of all they look to see if you have experience. My technical experience from my internships and passion for healthcare and technology is the reason I am now working at one of the best rated workplaces in America.”

Chris looks back fondly at his time in the ASC. “I don’t think there is a single aspect I did not enjoy about the ASC,” said Chris. “For me, I especially enjoyed the connections I made with my tutors and the ASC staff. No matter how stressed I was, they were always there to support me. I also enjoyed the ASC events, more specifically the dinner we had for the graduating seniors. I will never forget that event.”

Although his current job requires much travel (which Chris is thoroughly enjoying!), he hopes to be back in the ASC soon. “I miss you all so much and will visit as soon as I’m back from my travels,” said Chris.


ASC Lunch

Join members of the ASC every Thursday at 11:30 am in the Connelly Center for lunch with friends!

Lunch passes are provided for those ASC students who do not have a meal plan.

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