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For Students with Learning Disabilities



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About Academic Accommodations: Students with documented learning disabilities who enroll at Notre Dame College have many services available to make attaining a college education possible.  They may choose basic 504 services for free, or they may choose a structured, fee-based package of services that go beyond basic accommodations.

The Mission of the Academic Support Center is to provide quality educational opportunities and support services above and beyond those required by law to individuals with documented learning disabilities who are traditionally under-served in post secondary education. The mission of the Academic Support Center parallels the mission of Notre Dame College which is to educate a diverse population in liberal arts for personal, professional, and global responsibility.

Academic Support Center Hours:

Fall and Spring:

Monday - Thursday 8 a.m.-6 p.m.

Friday - 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Saturday - Closed

Sunday - 12 p.m.-4 p.m.


Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

What will the Academic Support Center offer you?

Services Offered

Our ASC team will:

  • Create a learning profile for each student that allows us to tailor our instructional services to provide support that increases success and promotes learning
  • Provide individual, subject-specific tutoring by degreed professionals, including accountants, attorneys, scientists and educators
  • Meet weekly with each student to develop self-advocacy skills and study strategies
  • Analyze each students’ technology needs, and recommend use of adaptive equipment and assistive technology, such as the Livescribe Pen and a variety of educational software
  • Offer workshops to hone employability skills such as collaboration, workplace etiquette, and conflict resolution
  • Coach students through resume writing and interview preparation throughout the job-seeking process

Services offered based on Individual Documentation:

  • Distraction-free environment for test taking.
  • Note-taking assistance.
  • Extended time for completing tests.
  • Alternative testing format.
  • Use of a scribe.
  • Taping of class lectures.
  • Class materials provided in print.
  • Use of adaptive equipment.

The services provided by the Academic Support Center are structured and comprehensive thus enabling a student with a documented learning disability to succeed in college. Prior to being admitted to the Center the student must meet the admission requirements of Notre Dame College. To participate in the Academic Support Center, you must be a full-time traditional student, and you must submit documentation of a Learning Disability. This documentation must include a psycho-educational evaluation that has been conducted within the last three years. Refer to web link on documentation.

The Academic Support Center

Location: 2nd floor of the Regina Complex at Notre Dame College

Jessica Kaluga, Director: 216.373.5185,

Franceska Jones, Career Advisor, 216.373.5305,

Barbara Kooser, Assistant Director, 216.373.7155,

Katie Wetherbee, ASC Learning Specialist, 216.373.6383,


To view information about the Academic Support Center or to apply, select the following PDF file links:

Guidelines for Documentation of Specific Learning Disabilities (19KB).

Application Form for The Academic Support Center (52KB).




   For more information, please contact:  216.373.5184 or


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