Impactful Advising

Advising students can be challenging. Remember, the students are looking to you for guidance and support. Here are some tips that will help you give your students the best advising experience.

  1. Listen and repeat– Pay close attention to what the student is asking and make sure you rephrase the question while answering. This way the student can confirm that their question has been adequately answered

  2. Ask questions– Make sure that the student is on board with what you are suggesting.  The best way to do this is to ask.

  3. Technology– Be a master of MyNDC and the software you must use while advising. If you have any questions you can contact The Advising Center or use the guide on the following pages for assistance.

  4. Make referrals– If you aren’t sure of something, be honest. Tell the student that you aren’t sure of an answer and take steps to find the answer. Be aware of the resources on campus and direct your student to the appropriate offices as necessary.

  5. Share– Students often value the disclosure of personal experiences and stories. Share only what you are comfortable with, but know that it can be hugely impactful to a student.

  6. Monitor– Check-in with students to monitor their academic growth and progress. Use the software available to you to check a student’s performance. If they are having issues academically, early intervention can help alleviate the issue.

  7. Reflect– Allow students to reflect on their academic experience. Help students make sense of their experience and learn from the reflection. Use these conclusions, observations, and reflections to help students better understand their academic needs and goals.


Contact Information

The following information can be used to refer your students to valuable resources on campus.


The Advising Center
Administration Center 207
(216) 373-5383

Academic Support Center
Regina, Second Floor
(216) 373-5185

Dwyer Learning Center
Administration Center 205
(216) 373-5359

Career Services Center
Clara Fritzsche Library, Second Floor
(216) 373-5282

Student Success Center
Administration Center 202
(216) 373-5327

Counseling Center
Connelly Center
(216) 373-6459

Clara Fritzsche Library
(216) 373-5267






November 13
11:30 AM
Tuesday November 13, 11:30am
Christ the King Chapel - Admin Bldg. 3rd Floor
E.g., 11/13/18
E.g., 11/13/18