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November is National Infrastructure Security Month, and in a world that is constantly evolving, technology is more embedded in our daily lives than ever before. We rely on state-of-the-art security and information technologies to keep our airports, hospitals, water systems, and electricity grids (to name just a few) up and running.

Unfortunately, with these technological advances comes a higher risk for security breaches, ransomware attacks, and other harmful threats. Oftentimes, cyberattacks on or damage to one critical infrastructure site has a ripple effect due to the intersectionality of various security and information systems.

Notre Dame College recognizes that cybersecurity is an in-demand STEM field with opportunities for development in Northeast Ohio, and they are committed to preparing students for careers in the industry. Students in Notre Dame’s Cybersecurity program learn the complexities of cybersecurity problems and apply principles of cybersecurity design and best practice to prevent and mitigate cyberattacks. The program’s learning objectives prepare students to protect and maintain critical infrastructure security in both the private and public sector.

Matt Crowley, Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity at Notre Dame College, has high hopes for the future of the program. “The Cybersecurity program helps students gain the expertise to become trusted experts in a field that has become incredibly complex. We have a great set of student leaders, guided by industry-expert faculty, that have chosen to take up the mantle of protection on our behalf. We’re very excited over the next few years to graduate our first class of cybersecurity scholars that will make their mark on an industry we rely on to keep us safe and secure.”

Faculty and adjunct professors are available to discuss the newest technologies safeguarding everyone from small businesses to national security. As news of cybersecurity attacks develop, Notre Dame College is here as a resource to provide commentary to the Northeast Ohio area. Please reach out to our media contact to schedule a segment if interested.

November 2021

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