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In a contemporary world with widespread hostility, intolerance and despondence, Notre Dame College once again is invoking the power of dialogue to impart meaning and inspire change: An expert on historical context for present-day events has been named the College’s Abrahamic Distinguished Lecturer for 2022.

Jamelle Bouie, a political analyst, is known across the country for connecting past occurrences with current events to provide knowledge and perspectives people may otherwise miss. He will impart “Finding Your Voice, Using Your Voice,” as the Abrahamic Center Distinguished Lecturer on Thursday, November 17, at 7:30 p.m. in Regina Auditorium, 1857 S. Green Road on the Notre Dame campus in South Euclid, Ohio.

The annual event is free and open to the public.

“Difficult realities often make people feel hopeless. Each of us is part of the unfolding story. If we choose to be part of the power of the solution, authentic voice in pursuit of evidence-based truth is important,” said Sr. Carol Ziegler, SND, Ph.D., executive director of the Abrahamic Center at the College.

Bouie will discuss ways to awaken a community to use the power of voice to work for good, transformation and peace. He will share his spiritual roots, challenges he has faced as a young professional, coming to find and know his voice as an expression of his value system and dealing with those who have different perspectives. He will be interviewed by Notre Dame communication major Xavier Carlos Perkins and Ziegler.

“The realities that Notre Dame College and the larger global community face are not new,” Ziegler said. “Susan B. Anthony, Gandhi, the Jewish community under Hitler, Martin Luther King Jr. and Muslims after 9/11 are just a few painful examples.”

Along with working as an analyst for CBS News, Bouie became a New York Times opinion columnist in 2019. He covers history and politics. Times subscribers can access his newsletter at

Before working for the Times, Bouie was the chief political correspondent for Slate magazine. He has been a staff writer at The Daily Beast and has held fellowships at The American Prospect and The Nation magazines.

Bouie is based in Charlottesville, Va., as well as Washington, D.C. He attended the University of Virginia, where he graduated with a degree in political and social thought and government.

He also a photographer, documenting his surroundings using digital and analog tools. His photos are available on his blog or follow him on Instagram. He’s also on Twitter.

“Notre Dame College has mindfully chosen to invite Jamelle Bouie to give the 2022 annual Abrahamic Lecture in light of the Center’s mission and today’s larger realities appearing in the news, on social media and in daily conversation,” Ziegler said.

The Abrahamic Center develops educational programs for the College and the Greater Cleveland community to foster mutual respect among all peoples and celebrate religious, racial and cultural diversity.

The center honors Abraham’s status as:

  • Patriarch of the three great monotheistic traditions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam;
  • Paragon of hospitality and welcoming of the “Other;” and
  • Prophet of social justice and peace.

To learn more about the Abrahamic Center, view this video and visit the center’s website.

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