English and Communication

Communication Major

36 Credits
Program Goal:

With a broad and integrated approach to the field of communication, including coursework in process and theory, students will be prepared for graduate study in the field as well as for related areas such as journalism, performance studies, law, mediation and other disciplines. Students choose one professional communication track in Media Writing or Performance Studies.

Multi-Age License in Spanish (Gr. P-12)

45 Credits
To prepare effective teachers with strong proficiency skills, adequate to professional preparation, and positive attitudes toward their students and the subject area they will teach.


(21 Spanish credits)

SP 201 Intermediate Spanish I
SP 202 Intermediate Spanish II
SP 315 Advanced Grammar and Conversation I


Adolescent to Young Adult Teaching License in Integrated Language Arts (Gr. 7-12)

Students preparing for Adolescent to Young Adult licensure in Integrated Language Arts complete the requirements of an English major with two exceptions: EN 482 and the credits in cooperative education are not required.

Theater Minor

21 Credits
TR 112 Oral Interpretation
TR 261 The Drama and Theater
TR 262 Modern Drama and Theater

One of the following:
EN 461 Shakespeare’s Comedies
EN 462 Shakespeare’s Histories and Tragedies

Writing Minor

21 Credits Requirements for all Emphases (12 Credits): 
EN 210 Critical Writing 
EN 220 Newswriting 
EN 318 Creative Writing 
EN 482 English Studies

English Minor

24 Credits Requirements: 
CA 112 Oral Interpretation 
EN 462 Shakespeare’s Histories and Tragedies
EN 480 Great Books Seminar
One of the following: 
EN 210 Critical Writing 
EN 220 Newswriting 
EN 318 Creative Writing
One of the following: 
EN 255 Introduction to Western Literature: Epics and Poetry 
EN 256 Introduction to Western Literature: Prose 
EN 261 The Drama and Theater 

English Major with a Pre-Law Emphasis

Students interested in preparing for law school are wise to choose a rigorous English major which will help develop exceptional strength in critical reading and writing, logical reasoning, analytical thought, and moral responsibility to oneself and others. Because there is no specific pre-law major, the student must establish regular communication with an advisor as soon as possible to ensure the best possible preparation through course work, co-operative education, advising, and preprofessional testing.

English Major

49-51 Credits

CA 212 Oral Interpretation
EN 210 Critical Writing
EN 312 History of the English Language
EN 314 Grammar for Teachers and Writers
EN 321 Introduction to Literary Theory and Criticism
EN 331 British Literature to 1700
EN 332 British Literature 1700-1900
EN 341 American Literature to 1900
EN 342 Seminar in American Literature
EN 395 or 495 Cooperative Education (1-3 cr.)
(Not needed for the Integrated Language Arts Licensure)

Amy Kesegich, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of English, Department Head of English
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  • Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University
  • M.A. Bowling Green State University
  • B.A. Baldwin-Wallace College



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