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With corgi in hand, a splendid 10 days, God bless our journeys today and always

by Sr. Eileen Quinlan, SND, Ph.D., ’74, professor of English/communication Gathered at Heathrow, with corgi in hand, the Notre Dame College travelers began their homeward journey. We left the hotel at 6:45 a.m., and here at the airport we were ready to board by 9:30 a.m. It has been a splendid 10 days, full of meetings with good people, and we are eager to reconnect at home with family and friends. God bless our journeys, today and always!

Bustling city of immigrants, high altar honors the American military and in search of Platform 9 3/4

At Buckingham Palace, looking forward to coming home but savoring every minute of a wonderful experience by Sr. Eileen Quinlan, SND, Ph.D., ’74, professor of English/communication Friday introduced the Notre Dame College travelers to highlights of the City of Westminster and the City of London—what we commonly call London includes both, as well as many surrounding boroughs, a metropolis of 6 million people speaking as many as 300 different languages—truly a vibrant and bustling city of immigrants. At Buckingham Palace we discovered that the Queen was not in, as she had gone to Windsor...

'Holiday-makers,' the 'mothership' of the chain and as a reminder of stages of the trip

Lunch at the Borough Market, where fresh bread and cheese taste so much better than at home by Sr. Eileen Quinlan, SND, Ph.D., ’74, professor of English/communication In the Borough Market in Southwark, the south bank of the Thames, we shopped for lunch. Ramona (friend of the College), Carrington (Lisser, student), Elaine (Aragon-Keller, alumna) and Candy (Fischer, former staff member), Sr. Kathleen (McDonnell, alumna) and I bought fresh bread and chunks of cheese for lunch today. Like any vacationers—holiday-makers—many of us have been shopping during the week. Certainly we've bought...

She sees Buckingham Palace as 'the office;' a doll house with electricity and running water; a small world, indeed

Notre Dame arrives at Windsor Castle. by Sr. Eileen Quinlan, SND, Ph.D., ’74, professor of English/communication A fourth consecutive day of sunshine took us from York to Windsor and finally to London. The three-hour southbound drive was like watching the arrival of spring: from an occasional white-flowering tree in York we went to rows of white-flowering trees lining the roads in Warwickshire. The Castle grounds boast primroses and daffodils, pansies and small tulips and budding trees. We toured the State Apartments of the Castle using an audiotour, hand-held or headphones. Most of the...

Braveheart, despite its major historical inaccuracies; the Holy Isle and Evensong

The group at York Minister by Sr. Eileen Quinlan, SND, Ph.D., ’74, professor of English/communication Wednesday was another sunny, clear day for traveling as we moved south from Scotland to England. As we drove, our ACIS tour manager, Paul Daly, told us about 20 years of British history on Brexit and the very-connected issue of Scottish independence. Curiously, some folks think that the Mel Gibson film "Braveheart" about William Wallace—despite its major historical inaccuracies—was the emotional trigger for some of today's issues. The Norman and Plantagenet kings who ruled till the cathedral...

An essential part of every culture, the adventure prize to date and "unAmerican" apple pie

Alumna Linda Warner and faculty member John Patton, sporting Notre Dame swag, decide not to try the special. While Haggis is the national dish of Scotland, the traditional version of the cultural cuisine has been banned in the United States since 1971, though some (Scottish) reports indicate the USDA soon may lift the restriction. by Sr. Eileen Quinlan, SND, Ph.D., ’74, professor of English/communication Cullen skink Food is an essential part of every culture, and an essential element of the adventure of traveling. Ireland and the U.K. have provided some exciting culinary explorations. Corbin...

Edinburgh Castle, medieval and Georgian streetscapes, on these mountains of Midlothian

Members of the College community cross the border into Scotland (left to right): John Patton, faculty member; Linda Warner, alumna; Elaine Aragon-Keller, alumna; Carrington Lisser, student; Sr. Eileen Quinlan, faculty member and alumna; Candy Fischer, former staff member; Sr. Kathleen McDonnell, alumna; and Roz Scheer-McLeod, faculty member. by Sr. Eileen Quinlan, SND, Ph.D., ’74, professor of English/communication Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city, began as a fort on a volcanic rock perhaps 1400 years ago. The travelers view Edinburgh from Holyrood Park, an ancient volcanic outcrop near...

Through the Lake District, Dove Cottage at Grasmere and sweeping views of Northumberland

Roz Scheer-McLeod and Candy Fischer by Sr. Eileen Quinlan, SND, Ph.D., ’74, professor of English/communication After three days of rain, Notre Dame's travelers awoke to mist on Monday morning, which lifted as we drove through the Lake District, and at Grasmere we were in full sunshine. The entire College contingent at Dove Cottage in Grasmere. William Wordsworth and his family lived at Dove Cottage for almost ten years, a time during which he wrote some of his most significant poems. After visiting the house, garden and museum, we strolled the village, visited Wordsworth's grave in the...

Dublin in drizzle, an Ireland proud of its writers

by Sr. Eileen Quinlan, SND, Ph.D., ’74, professor of English/communication Sr. Eileen Quinlan, SND, Ph.D., ’74, blogs first from Dublin. John Patton, faculty; Candy Fischer, former staff member; Roz Scheer-McLeod, faculty; Elaine Aragon-Keller, alumna; and Carrington Lisser, student embark on the Notre Dame journey to England, Scotland and Wales. Notre Dame College's spring break 2017 educational travel experience began at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport at 8 a.m. on Thursday, March 2, when 13 travelers checked in for the first leg, the flight to Newark. During the long layover, we...


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