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Giving Back to NDC

As students, Notre Dame College touched our lives in so many ways. As alumni, please consider investing in your College!

Become Active in Your Alumni AssociationAlumni Volunteers

The Notre Dame College Alumni Association (NDCAA) is led by a volunteer board of committed alumni who are dedicated to advancing the mission of Notre Dame College while strengthening the bonds of alumni friendship.

Alumni Association’s Web Page


Demonstrate your confidence in Notre Dame College by making a philanthropic contribution. There are many ways to give. Donate online today! Contributions to the College are deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes.


Help us to recruit the next generation of alumni by lending a hand to our Admissions staff! Notre Dame College graduates are the best ambassadors for a Notre Dame College education – because you’ve experience it yourself!

Refer interested students to Assistant Dean of Enrollment Brandy Viol at 1.877.NDC.EDU.

Career Services

Our current students can benefit from your expertise! We seek alumni to:

  • Act as a resource for current students in their career exploration
  • Serve as cooperative education links
  • Provide cooperative education and internship opportunities

Contact Notre Dame’s Career Service at