Notre Dame College Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship Application

The Notre Dame College Alumni Association Scholarship is available to any sophomore status student (30 - 59 credits completed) actively enrolled in the Notre Dame College Undergraduate Program. Applicants must be related to a member of the Notre Dame College Alumni Association or a current student at Notre Dame College. Applications must be received by the Alumni Office by December 1, 2017 to be considered for the 2018 scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded in spring of 2018.

The amount and number of Alumni Association Scholarships awarded shall be determined by each year’s Alumni Scholarship Committee; during the first meeting of the new calendar year.

Please complete the following application in order to be considered for the Notre Dame College Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship. Please be specific and thorough in your answers. Spellinggrammarcapitalization and punctuation will be taken into consideration when judging your application.

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