How do I log on to my NDC CASHNet account?

Go to my.NDC.edu, log on to your account, go to the Student Accounts tab, and on the Student Accounts page select the "Go to CASHNet" link.

What are acceptable payment arrangements?

There are two acceptable payment arrangements: payment in full and enrollment in the Notre Dame College CASHNet Payment Plan. The payment plan allows you to pay your tuition in monthly installments. If you are not on a payment plan and carrying a balance, your account is subject to a late fee.

If your aid is going to post to your student account before the start of the semester or session, then your account is paid in full. However you must have completed all requirements for loans and aid before your account will be considered paid in full. This includes Federal loan counseling, Completed Master Prom Note, signed Standards of Academic Standards (SAP) letter, or any other paper work required by the Financial Aid Office.

How do I enroll in the Notre Dame College CASHNet Payment Plan?

Enrolling is easy. Go to my.ndc.edu and sign in to CASHNet (see the first questions for steps to accomplish this). Once in your account you will see a link to sign up for the current semester’s payment plan. There is a $25.00 enrollment fee and you must sign up each semester for the payment plan. We advise you to make the first payment when you enroll for the plan. If you carry a balance and do not sign up for a payment plan, you are subject to a late fee.

When are my payments due?

If you are enrolled in a payment plan for Fall or Spring semester then payments are due the first business day of each month of the five month plan. If you are enrolled in a payment plan for Summer semester then payments are due the 15th of each month of the three month plan, beginning May 15th and ending July 15th. If you do not have financial aid and do not want to be on a payment plan then payment in full is due at the beginning of the month that the semester starts.

How do I make a payment?

The quickest and easiest way to make a payment is online. Just log-in to my.ndc.edu, go to the Student Accounts tab, and click on the Cashnet link.

To pay via CASHNet you have the below options:

  • Electronic Checks – Free
  • Credit / Debit Cards – Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex.
    • 2.75% Convenience charge will apply

You can also remit payment in the Student Services office via cash, check, or money order. However, we will not process credit/debit card transactions, credit/debit card transactions must be done online.

Can I have money automatically taken out of a checking or savings account each month?

We do not allow automatic monthly withdraws. You will need to log on to your account each month and make a payment. This is a great way to keep up with your account.

Are there any fees for online payments?

Electronic payments are free. There is no limit to the amount of electronic checks you can process.

There is a 2.75% convenience charge for any credit/debit card transactions.

Why doesn’t my NDC e-Bill match my Current Balance?

The Current Balance on your NDC CASHNet account is a real time balance. The NDC e-Bill is a weekly snapshot of your account activity.

If I have Federal Student Direct Loans and they create a credit on my account, when will I receive my refund?

Unfortunately we are unable to give you a specific date. However, you can keep these guidelines in mind:

  • If the credit is created at the beginning of the semester, then the refund will be issued 14 days after the start of the full 16 week semester

  • If the credit is created after the start of the semester, then the refund will be issued 14 days after the loan posted to your student account.

  • If you sign up for a book voucher then your refund will not be issued until after the charges are posted to your student account.

Can I pick up my refund check in person?

Due to the large number of checks that are printed we cannot hold any checks for students. If you would like to receive your refund faster than you can sign up for e-Refund.

What is e-Refund?

With e-Refund you no longer have to wait for the US Post Office to deliver your paper check. Any refund will automatically be deposited into the checking or savings account of your choice. You can enroll in e-Refund through your NDC CASHNet account-see above on how to access your CASHNet account. You will receive an email when your e-Refund is submitted to your bank.

What happens if my checking account information changes?

If you change or open a new account, you must sign into CASHNet and change your e-Refund account information. If you fail to do this, your e-Refund will be sent to the wrong account. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the account numbers are correct in CASHNet. If an e-Refund is returned to the school, a paper check will be issued to the student after we receive notification from the bank. This could take up to two weeks to receive confirmation.

If my account has a business hold, what does that mean?

Accounts with balances automatically have a hold. If your account has a hold you will not be eligible to receive grade reports at the end of the semester, move in to a residence hall, register for classes, receive transcripts, or participate in graduation.

How do I get the business hold lifted from my account?

By having a zero dollar balance or keeping your account in good standing. An account is in good standing if you have a balance, enrolled in a payment plan, and it is current.

When will my alternative loan be posted to my account?

You must follow up with your lender to confirm the date your loan will disburse to the college. The college will post your loan to your account within a week of disbursal.


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