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Admissions Requirements

Undergraduate Admission

To fulfill its mission, Notre Dame College encourages students of diverse religious, racial, educational and socioeconomic backgrounds to apply. Undergraduate admission decisions are based on a broad range of criteria. A prospective student may apply for admission up to a year prior to the semester or summer session for which admission is desired.

Admission Requirements

Notre Dame College admits students who demonstrate potential for academic success. The credentials of each applicant are individually evaluated with consideration given to a combination of previous academic records, standardized test scores and evidence of potential to succeed in college. The College has a very fair and generous policy on the transfer of academic credit earned at regionally accredited colleges or universities. Course work completed more than five years ago at a regionally accredited college or university is evaluated on a course-by course basis. Notre Dame College reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant who does not meet its admission standards. Recognizing that the needs of a diverse student body are equally diverse, Notre Dame College has established alternative admission requirements for traditional, traditional transfer, adult and international degree- seeking and certificate-seeking students.

Traditional Students

Traditional students are those students who have graduated from high school within four years of their first term of enrollment. A student planning to attend Notre Dame College should take the strongest possible college preparatory program available. Notre Dame College requires the following credentials from each traditional student seeking admission:

  • Application for Undergraduate Admission
  • Official high school transcript stating date of graduation, and
  • Official ACT or SAT I score report (optional – see details below)

A test-optional policy is in place for applicable, first-time students. Any student with a 2.75 cumulative GPA and above at the end of his/her junior year, SAT and ACT scores are optional for admission to Notre Dame College. If the student chooses to submit his/her scores, we will consider them when reviewing the application. Exceptions include homeschooled and international students. Athletes wishing to participate in a varsity sport must submit their SAT or ACT score to be considered for eligibility purposes. Also, if a student wishes to test out of entry-level English or Math, he/she must take the Accuplacer test or submit test scores.

The Admissions Office will implement a self-report admit strategy based on this new model. Self-reporting means that admit decisions are made on the basis of students’ self-reported high school transcript and/or test score information, if applicable. Academic transcripts must be submitted directly to the Office of Admissions by the issuing high school in order to be considered official.

Adult & Non-Traditional Students

Non-traditional students are those who have graduated from high school three or more years prior to their first term of enrollment or who have earned a General Education Diploma (GED).

Home-Schooled Students

Home-schooled students are those who have completed the equivalent of traditional secondary education by learning at home or elsewhere in the community.

Notre Dame College requires the following credentials from each home-schooled student seeking admission:

  1. Application for Undergraduate Admission
  2. A transcript or outline of the topics covered during the high school years
  3. Official ACT Assessment or SAT I score report
  4. Two letters of recommendation that speak to the student’s academic and personal qualities (recommended)

Home-schooled students who have attended a regionally accredited institution of higher learning following the equivalent of high school graduation will also be required to submit official academic transcripts from each college or university attended. Academic transcripts must be submitted directly to the Office of Admissions by the issuing post-secondary institution in order to be considered official.

Admissions Decision

Upon receipt of all necessary credentials, one of the following admission decisions will be made:

Full Admission

Ordinarily, a student will be granted Full Admission when the following conditions have been met:

  • 2.5 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale, and
  • Minimum ACT score of 19/ SAT score of 900, or
  • Evidence of the potential for academic success as profiled on the academic transcripts and in a personal interview.
Provisional Admission

Traditional and international students will be granted Provisional Admission when the cumulative grade point average or standardized entrance examination performance falls below those standards necessary for Full Admission. A student admitted on a provisional basis will be limited to registering for no more than sixteen (16) credit hours during the first term of enrollment and will be required to use the services of the Dwyer Learning Center regularly. The student will meet with the Director of the Learning Center to develop an action plan in order to afford the greatest possibility for academic success. A student admitted provisionally is expected to achieve a 2.0 grade point average upon completion of the first term of enrollment.


Students who have been absent from the College for one calendar year or longer must reapply for admission. For the purpose of readmission, one calendar year is defined as any consecutive combination of a Fall Semester, Spring Semester and Summer Session. The Dean of Admissions determines the official length of academic absence. Students seeking readmission are expected to follow the same admission process as those prospective students who will be attending Notre Dame College for the first time. Students readmitted to the College must follow the Catalog requirements and academic policies in effect at the time of readmission regardless of the number of credits earned under a previous Catalog. Students who were on academic probation when they left the College will be on probation when they return. Students who were suspended for academic reasons must meet with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs before being allowed to return to Notre Dame College.

International Students


Transfer Students

Online Students

Notre Dame College Title IX Statement on Non-Discrimination:

Notre Dame College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, genetic information, or age in its programs and activities. This policy extends to employment with and admission to the College.