I now understand why people cry at beauty.

Day 8: Rome

via Nichole Vencl

Today was our last day in this beautiful city. We awoke to a posh breakfast in our captains quarters in our marine-like hotel, Hotel Atlantico. Many of us went on to tour the Vatican museum, the Sistine chapel, and St. Peter's basilica. Yes, THAT famous basilica which is over two football fields in length.

The artwork and attention to detail was beyond amazing. I now understand why people cry at beauty.

The Vatican museum is literally so big that, according to our wonderful tour guide, you would have to come back 4-5 days to see the entire collection. And it's not just Catholic pieces, but rather pieces collected over the centuries from different countries all over the world. How remarkable.

This afternoon, we had the opportunity to ride a public bus (much, much different and nicer than RTA) and explore a bit more of the city. We will soon be gathering to do a NDC/ACIS tradition of limerick rounds.

If you've been reading along this far and have been intrigued at what Sister Eileen and I have posted thus far, I recommend you take an opportunity in the next few weeks to see Roz in her office to learn about next year's tour. You never know if it's your cup of tea unless you ask!


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